Monday, June 19, 2006


Leave nice Mr Leighton alone
and NO stopping at the Temple of the Feminine Divine
Disappointingly there are no Private Investigators in this building.
Here we are...


  1. Oh, I have GOT to know what the Temple of the Feminine Divine is. I HAVE to...

  2. Ok, okaaaaaaaay..... I had to look it up.

    "Temple of the Feminine Divine
    31 Central St. #203-205
    Bangor, ME 04401
    We make a commitment to embody the Feminine Divine in our lives and in the community at large through individual study, group work, and community action. We have sponsored a week-long goddess festival, have an on-going ordination program, and will be sponsoring pagan teachers in public appearances."


    "Temple of the Feminine Divine, Bangor
    Offering training and priestess initiation through the Fellowship of Isis. Yearly membership includes access to extensive library."

    So it sounds like some cool new age, pagan, witchy sort of thing.

    And it appears it was started by a woman named Kay Gardner who passed away about 5 years ago...

    "On Saturday, August 28th, our beloved friend, sister, pioneering musician and recording artist, prolific composer, priestess, author, and teacher died suddenly from a massive heart attack at her home in Bangor, Maine. She is survived by her two daughters, Jennie and Julie, who were visiting with her at the time, and her grandsons David and Reese. Kay also leaves behind her mother, aunt, brother, and her beloved Colleen, the love of her life for the past four years.

    Kay was my dear friend of many years, and also my mentor. She was my teacher, my Aquarian soul sister with whom we shared confidences, laughter, and service to the Goddess. Back in 1975, in New York City, Kay was the first woman that Z Budapest ordained as a Dianic high priestess, for the Emilia Earhart Coven #1. Thus, we have lost the first Dianic elder as well. In 1998, Kay was also ordained as a priestess in the Fellowship of Isis, by its founder, Lady Olivia Robertson, at her castle in Ireland. It was my honor to attend Kay there as she formally took on the responsibilities of a priestess of Isis. Her dream of starting an Iseum for the Fellowship of Isis in Bangor soon became a reality, with the inspired efforts of her women's community. Temple of the Feminine Divine continues on, and donations in honor of Kay can be sent to the Temple at: P.O. Box 602 Bangor, Maine 04402-0602."

    See what I do for you, My Gentle Viewers? I didn't even KNOW we HAD any priestesses in Bangor.

  3. the things you learn...

    i have to admit the first thing i thought of when i saw "temple of the feminine divine" the first thing i thought of was those rural silo-type storage things you see along the highway that look like one lonely breast sticking out of the landscape, which i've always referred to as "temples of the uni-breast goddess"...

  4. I like the way you took the first picture without getting a reflection of yourself.

    And not that I wouldn't have been interested in seeing your reflection..

    I'm just sayin'. ;-)

  5. Min: You never saw my famous Airport Parking Lot Window Reflection? Send me your email and I'll send it to you. :)

  6. I sincerely can't believe I've never seen the Airport Parking Lot Window Reflection. I come here practically every day, for Jeebus's sakes!

    But now that I've seen it, THANK YOU. :)

  7. *I* want the infamous
    'Airport Parking Lot Window Reflection' emailed to me =) minta360capella(at)

    **Pweese** ....oh...and I think I want to join this femfatale witchypagan-we rock-cause we have breastessess' group!