Saturday, June 10, 2006

This is.... worldwideglimpses

You know, as a complete and total Photowhore, I occasionally get shamed by my shameless self promotion, name dropping, bribing, and sometimes even holding the heads of my Gentle Viewers to the computer screens as I reach over them and work their mouses to get them to look at this blog when I see someone who it appears does it for the pure fun of it.

This is KLR. And this is not her best photo but it's the one that made me like her. She's travelled all over hell and back taking photos. She has no comments, and according to her sitemeter, no Gentle Viewers outside of the 'next blog' button. Yet she has been posting GREAT photos for MONTHS!

So go take a look at her blog and then come back and vote.

KLR is ____________ .

A) Sisyphus.
B) A Real life Carmen San Diego
C) A CIA Operative (Expose her at your own peril)
D) A true and pure travel photographer looking at life with her camera. (not through it)

Votes for 'E) Hot' will be deleted. This is a Goddamned family blog. No cheating.


  1. C. Isn't that Joe Wilson's wife?

  2. definitely in on the CIA.

    thanks for pointing her out...

  3. Thanks for the plug!! I've had the comments feature turned off for ages because I was getting so much spam, but have only recently turned it back on with the enhancement on that requires verification. So, I try to reply to them all, figuring someone who takes the time to type in 6 ghost letters deserves an acknowledgement! As jkirlin describes himself as a photowhore, I guess I could describe myself as a travelwhore. I used to do a lot of it, and in my job have recently enjoyed bouncing around on some international projects, but have decided to take a stateside project recently in a small town in rural Ohio. Considering I've not lived in a town of less than 5 million in a decade or so, I'm considering this travel, but of the slower-paced Americana type. On the international projects though, work was 6 or 7 days a week, loooong days, and not nearly enough time to explore. Now, if I could just find a project in the Rockies, I'd be set.......!! Thanks for taking a look at the blog, tho I guess world wide glimpses is a little misleading now that I'm stateside. For some of my faves, check out the archive links to Feb 2005, July 2005, and October 2005 (Norway, New Zealand, Thailand, and Nepal getaways).


    ....and on your quiz, I'd choose (a)!