Monday, June 19, 2006

People At Work®: Andy Taber

Andy very nicely told me about learning the trade at the Waltham Watch Factory in Waltham, Mass and how, after teaching there for a short while, he returned to Maine and has been at it ever since. His paraphrased advice: Do what you do because you love it because it will rarely make you rich.


  1. I love Mr. Taber. Whenever my antique watch doesn't work, I mail it 3,245 miles to my mother in Bangor - who promptly takes it to him to fix. Then she makes me come visit before she'll give it back to me. You didn't run into her while on the field trip did you??

  2. Fixing watches might not make this guy rich but his third eye might.

  3. And who will take his place when he retires? Anyone? :(

  4. tmt: He loves you, too. Or your Mom. Since she makes you wait in the car when she goes in.

    tore: Do not mock his 3rd eye!

    3LK: Keith, His camera shy son who was constantly just outside the frame.