Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whimsy or You Can't Get Nothin' Past MY Gentle Viewers

I recently found this old image of a gardening shed and liked it even though it was WAY over processed and roughly done and thought I would post it anyway. Gentle Viewer Anon Emous faintly praised it in the comments and IMMEDIATELY retracted when he saw what shoddy workmanship it was. Go look!

THAT, Other Gentle Viewers, is why I try to stay on my toes. Because you keep me there. I leave this here as an example of being taken to the proverbial woodshed.

As an aside, I use my photos as a screen saver on my computer at work and one day as it was running and I heard a student say "OH MY GOD THAT'S MY SHED!! Why were you taking photos of my shed???" Why, indeed?


  1. great photo.. good comp and rich saturation.

  2. hmmm.. on second thought, this 'appears' to be a touched up photo.. like you selected the background and blurred it out? The lines of demarcation between the foreground and the background are just a bit too sharp. try feathering the selection. hehe

  3. You've complained before that you can't get viewers to click for the large images, then when one does you end up wishing they didn't.

    Maybe the 10 second rule of posting should have been applied here.

  4. At least the poor kid didn't say "OH MY GOD, that's my mother sunbathing in the park!! Why are you taking pictures of my mother sunbathing in the park??"

  5. i've been there. this little old ugly lady tricked me. said she'd give me candy and cakes.

    i fall for it everytime.

    know why? cake is gooood.

  6. I kinda like it. It almost looks 3D.

    But looking at it too long makes you feel like you've just been to the IMAX theatre. Haha! Ugh.

  7. shade: And you even know how bad some of those 10 second posts ARE!

    tmt: Your kids could say that, though. ;)

    or so I thought: That is why *I* use cake to get you here, too.

    min: That's only because of your 80 foot high computer monitor.

  8. I like it even though it has "lines of demarcation between the foreground and the background".

    And... that's me waving at you from the window. With one finger.

  9. lovely flowers on the wall...
    nice one

    but i wont dare to near tht thing....

    haunted may b

  10. I'd say of course you took a picture of it. I would have too. Then I would have amped up the colors with over saturation and shadows. This type of pic works best for tricks. ;-)

    Word verif:ocxkhak = durn spammers forcing us to these measures!

  11. You know, I like the way this looks. As long as the photographer's not trying to pass it off as anything other than a photoshopped photo. It's kind of art-like. But what do I know?

    I know I like cake.

  12. Very nice color work. Love the shed owner's reaction.

  13. Love the tree & the funky flowers!
    Must look great as a saver.
    Thanks for sharing,