Friday, June 09, 2006

Lupines Gone Wild!

2 Gentle Viewers have commented so far and mention Miss Rumphias. I have no idea what Miss Rumphias is but the Lupines remind ME of that bizarre freakshow known as Monhegan Island where every lupine has a frumpy dowdy old lady in a big straw hat prattling on to the frumpy dowdy old lady in a big straw hat next to her while they paint pictures of the lupines while bored husbands hang out on the dock and warn us (correctly) that the gas we bought at the local store to make it back to the mainland is about 50% water by weight. Amy Toensing can HAVE the place.

(In fairness this photo taken by a frumpy dowdy lowly and humble photographic servant who prattles on to himself about frumpy dowdy old ladies on Monhegan Island who at LEAST can paint - The Eds)


  1. I love Miss Rumphius! I think of her everytime the lupins bloom! The pic with the house in it reminds me very much of her.

  2. Miss Rumphius is a children's book written by Barbara Clooney (i beleive she is a Maine author)about a woman who as a litle girl dreamd of traveling the world and she did. her gradnfather always told her she should also try to make the world a more beautiful place. Soooo when she was older and back from her travels , only because she had hurt her back getting down from a camel, she had a house on the rocky shore where she gardened. One fall she hurt her back and was bed ridden for the winter and in the Spring when the flowers came up and then began to bloom she ssaw lupines out her window where there had been no lupines the year before sooooooo she that gave her the answer to how she could" make the world a more beautiful place". She was feeling better so she ordered bags of lupine seeds and when ever she went somewhere she would also have pockets full of lupine seeds and she weould toss the seeds out. The next summer there would be lupines. People called her the Crazy Lupine should read the book its much better than my version!