Thursday, June 08, 2006

Now This Is Just Silly

This is the photo I MEANT to post to Chaos
This is the photo that was actually posted and won that week.

I only noticed because my friend, Snow, mentioned how she liked it so I was sending it to be printed and only then did I realize I had posted the wrong one.

Is this being too anal retentive? Can one BE too anal retentive? Do I just like typing anal retentive? Am I now going to get lots of Google hits for 'anal'? Am I about to start telling my many Uranus jokes for Abi? Posted by Picasa


  1. I can't decide which picture is better. What a phenomenal gift! Thanks Jeff.

  2. As a follow up....when I went to frame the photo for bag lady I found that instead of printing the bottom one that she had seen and wanted, I mistakenly printed the top one that I meant to post but mistakenly...

    sweet Jebus...

    This is making me dizzy.