Saturday, June 17, 2006

Schaefer Cam Cleats

Not in their natural environment which would be screwed to the deck of a sailboat. I have a little 'momento' from every sailboat I ever owned.

These are cannibalized from the Santana 20 and now proudly posted for Macroday: Symmetry.

I was waiting to post them to Macroday: Screwing Over the Next Guy Who Owns Your Boat but Carlo wouldn't make it a theme.

Update, Oct 2008. Can some of the MANY MANY South Africans who are inexplicably googling "cam cleats and how they work" etc please explain why? Is South Africa starting a massive sailing regatta?

It should be fairly easy to figure out how they work one you see them but in case not...

The free end of the line passes through the cam and then the cam bites it to keep it from pulling back though, when you want the line to go back through you just snap it up out of the cam. It's sweet. Little inner springs keep the cams closed. If you want one diassembled and taken in an exploded view, email me! I do requests! (I also like taking them apart and putting them back together. It feels like doing minute boat maintenance at my desk.)


  1. Maybe the next theme will be "Missing boat parts" and you'll have no competition! Cept maybe for the people you

  2. They can submit photos of white silicone filled holes where for some reason they instinctively find themselves wanting to place lines. Next I'll show you my collection of seatbelts I cut out of the backseats of cars I owned.


  3. Cam cleats! Takes me back to my mis-spent youth in a Cape Cod Rhodes 18 and racing on Long Island Sound, Cape Cod Bay - Situate (sp?) and of course Bideford (sp?) Pool, Maine.