Monday, June 19, 2006

A Prequel: As If I'm George Freaking Lucas

Regular and Obsessive Gentle Viewers (namely ME) will recognize the top image of me being totally busted by this woman while sneaking photos on the train. Travis Ruse, I ain't.

But tonight while looking at them again I noticed the image I took before this one and I liked it, TOO! So I've posted it here Second..even though it was first, and uh.... See because, Lucas, I uh...Ok forget that.

Gentle Viewers: I reintroduce thee to Woman on a Train! Posted by Picasa


  1. i don't really like her shoes. but the photo is great. that girl in front of photo buster is pretty.

  2. She is my wife's cousin twice removed and she says to stop taking her photo and let her ride the train in peace.

  3. we know you were really going for the upskirt.

    a man after my own heart.

  4. I like it! "Hey freak, yeah you with the overcoat and red hair! What? Is that a bottle of lotion!?"

  5. I like Calvin's better.

    Also note that JK didn't respond to us!

  6. I was too busy trying to uncap my lotion. It ain't easy on a train, ya know!

  7. oh yeh.. nice shot...
    will try to take some next time

    but i still affraid ppl will misunderstood me...

    may b u werent confronted because r old

  8. zbjernak: You wouldn't believe how many photos I take and hear, "Leave the doddering old fool alone, he doesn't know what he's doing." :)