Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fireflies (Crop II) Essence of Fireflies, as suggested by Gentle Viewer Leigh

Both of these images are from the same shot. One if just cropped differently. I didn't know how to get something as small as fireflies to show up aganist a dark landscape. I took these after doing an outdoor wedding reception with my old Kodak DX6490 which I LOVED because it had this crazy blue bias that gave you GREAT looking skies and water but cold looking people.

I know you Gentle Viewer hate to click on an image because you have to lift your mouse finger but click on THIS one. Heh heh. You can't see the fireflies unless you do. Additionally, I had to use a high ISO setting to get this shot at all and the horrible noise makes it look like a painting.

Gentle Viewer Leigh left a comment that made a much better title, I think, than mine.


  1. Wow cool....
    I tried taking fireflies once. But it was in a pitch black environment. And worst still on a boat. After awhile i gave up and used Photoshop to paint my own fireflies hahahah nah just kidding. Nice shots :)

  2. I love the picture. You captured the essence of fireflies well. That's all I really like anyways, the essence. Actual fireflies freak me out. I NEVER caught them in my hands and certainly NEVER put them in a jar. Hmmm...I may have just said more than I should.

  3. Love this shot!.....great memories of catching them as a child and putting in them a jar as my summre nite lite =)