Thursday, June 01, 2006


This is a shot at the lower ISO. See how crazy unblue it is? Whatever that means. I had simply pivoted from the firefly shot to get this. I was going to try more exposures but the blackflies were so thick after a minute that I had to dive back into my car before I bled out.

Aaaahhh....Maine. Posted by Picasa


  1. Black flies? Thick? Mwhahahaha! I've lives up North for a few time and you should see when the snow melts... You think all the people are waving at you. In reality, they are surrounded by black flies and becoming completely crazy. And when you shovel a bit of snow... HERE THEY ARE LOOKING AT YOU WITH THEIR BIG EYES AND BIG TEEHTS! WAITING FOR NEW FRESH BLOOD.
    Bye the way, nice pic... :)

  2. Jeff, this is a really lovely image. Idyllic.

  3. Black flies?!!! Arrrgh! Hateful little varmits.

    During my exile in Missouri, 30 years or so, we had something called deer flies, roughly the size of a VW beetle. Man, could they bite. You stayed away from the river on float trips within two hours of sunset. Vampires had nothing on those nasty things.

    By the way, cool shot.

  4. what is Black flies???? haven't found it in the dictionary


  6. laanba: My web cam, you mean?

    mp: blood sucking devils with wings. Is "@&%#$%% flies" pornounced the same in French?

    dawn: except for the balckflies, which now upon further inspection, I think that's what those clouds are.

    mj: I'll take flying monkey, ANY DAY.

    nmleighton: Are you a black fly? And now I have to ask. *IS* this Harrington? I *THINK* it's Harrington. It's NEAR Harrington. Maybe it's Cherryfield. Is Cherryfield on the water? I'll have to Google map it...hang on....

    *backgound music: Girl from Ipanema*

    Ok..back. Yeah. It's Harrington. Or MAAAAAAAAAYBE Addison. But certainly not Cherryfield, Milbridge, or Jonesport. Never Jonesport. Or Columbia? There was a funny strip mall thing in the middle of nowhere where this connects to 1A or maybe it was 1.

    (Genuine Downeast Maine discussion broguht you by The Thing of the Moment, Google Maps, and The Maine Department of Transportation, David A. Cole, Commissioner.

  7. No Jeff, in French there is a &@**&%?$!! accent on the @...