Saturday, December 25, 2004

St John's Church. Nice job on the wreaths, Dad. Posted by Hello

Note to self: Next time you stop to take a photo like this behind a truck stop on Christmas Eve and the trucker comes out and when you mention something stupid about life on the road and he says actually he lives locally, do NOT ask the next obvious question. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 24, 2004

The tiger lost it's tail in a tug of war years later. Posted by Hello

I didn't color a picture so I missed out on the egg breakfast at some store. My brother and sister were such corporate whores. And I didn't even LIKE eggs anyway! Stupidheads! Posted by Hello


I have no comment for this but it was just too...ummm...something, not to post it. Posted by Hello

Merry Christmas, Dad! - Love, The Surgeon General. Posted by Hello

My brother got 3 things...

1: Color!

2: A sweeter ride!

and 3: 'Curious George' good looks! Posted by Hello

This is my sister, clearly after some of my sweet gift action. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Waterworks. This is the gatehouse for a complex that is in ruins and used to generate electricity for the city's streetlights. I got a terrible case a poison ivy getting in here. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

This is my driveway and these are my landlords and this is a reason I rent. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 17, 2004

Silent Night, ok, so it's not that sweet or brooding. Posted by Hello

This is the Chapel of the seminary across the street, I had taken a sweet brooding photo the day before and tried to recreate it using my tripod so it would be clearer. The Lesson? You can't take the same photo twice. Posted by Hello

The League of Doom

I was going to call this the Hall of Fame or something but it sounded silly.

The League of Doom is WAY cooler. We should get shirts.

The Thing of the Moment's League of Doomers are those people who rise above the status of blogger or photoblogger and into the realm of those I consider, for one reason or another, to be friends.

Now put yer hankies away, ya big sniffling babies.

Bad News Blonde




Calvin Coleman


Girl Inchoate

Svetlana Tazhetdinova


Ginnie Hart





S. Patrick Kaine


Mr Fabulous

Wrath of Dawn

Susan Adcock

Or So I Thought

Monterey John




Kellllaaaaay aka Babiebluz

and Chemical Billy

If you find yourself on this list and want yourself removed just let me know BUT YOU ARE SO MEAN! :(

Thursday, December 16, 2004

New Icon

Yeah, right.

Why were you looking for a photo of ME, anyway?


Sales Policy

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1. Human subjects appearing in TTOTM may obtain digital images online free of charge provided the following criteria are met: a) I asked to photograph you and you graciously agreed AND/OR b) I snuck your photo and you found out about it when your aunt, neighbor, Parole Officer etc. called to tell you they saw it and you had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

2. Photos of Human Subjects appearing in/on TTOTM are not for sale to third parties, may not be used for commerical or non commercial purposes, and there are no model releases available for any reason.

3. All other photos appearing in TTOTM are available in print and digital form if after all of the above you still insist on getting images.

Rates are as Following:

Prints (human subject):
4 x 6 = 4.99 each
5 x 7 = 9.99 each
8 x 10 = 19.99 each.
Larger images to be negotiated.

Photo CD or DVD up to 500 images:
800px = 9.99 Great for emailing
1600px = 19.99 Great for full screen slideshows/screensavers
Full Resolution images and signed release for unlimited printing for non commerical use = 29.99

Prints (All other subjects):
4 x 6 = 9.99 each
5 x 7 = 14.99 each
8 x 10 = 29.99 each.
Larger images to be negotiated. (49.99 to 299.99)

Photo CD or DVD up to 500 images:
800px = 19.99 Great for emailing
1600px = 29.99 Great for full screen slideshows/screensavers
Full Resolution images and signed release for unlimited printing for non commerical use = 49.99

Licensing for editorial non commerical use: Free for non profits/artists (photo credit greatly appreciated if possible)

Licensing for one time commerical use:
1.3 to 3.5 MP = 49.99,
3.51 to 6.4 MP = 74.99,
6.4 to 10.1 MP = 99.99
Photos may not be cropped to meet sizing criteria. When contacting please be prepared to describe your project and photo use. Photos are also available without that information, but I'm just nosey.

Sale of digital originals and release of copyright: Open to negotiation.

First Wedding: $25,000 payable in cash or transfereable securities with no guarantee of quantity or quality or that it would be anything more than a random collection of T and A shots of the bridal party and guests.

Second Wedding: $10,000 payable by cash, cashiers check, or major credit card in US funds only unless paying in Euro or British Sterling if it's an outdoor wedding and you don't mind the tops of your guests heads in most of the shots.

Third and Subsequent Weddings: Hell, why not? $200 bucks and dinner with the above caveats.

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Drip Drop - Favorites
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Bathroom - Winner
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Disastrous - 1st place
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Bridge - 1st place
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Portrait - 3rd place
Money - 1st place
Coast - Mention
Heights - Mention
Metal - 1st place

Chaos - 1st place
Identity - 1st place

Thursday Challenge
Body - Favorites
Broken - Favorites

Love - 5th place
Faith - 3rd Place
Stupid - 2nd place
Silver - 4th place


Murder of Crows - Gaggle, Herd, and Murder. Leveled reader F, pp. 7,

The Lucerne Inn - Bangor Metro, Dec 2005, pp 56. Holiday Gift Guide.

Mars Hill Wind Farm - Natural Resources Council of Maine website

Heritage Stage/American Folk Festival - Linked by Maine Public Radio

Sen. Olympia Snowe - Wired Magazine Blog


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