Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Heather McCarthy, Director of the American Folk Festival

I met Heather this summer while trying to wrangle press credentials to freely snoop around the American Folk Festival. She gave them to me event hough she had already seen The Thing of the Moment.

She allowed me to take some portraits recently that she needed for a publicity thing, so we hooked up with the cooperation of John at Paddy Murphy's and used this little library room.

Weeks go by and I decide to ask if she's ready for her 'blog debut' and she GRACIOUSLY allows me to post her new images here because I'm really pleased with how they came out and you all know how DAMNED VAIN I am for a lowly and humble photographic servant.

Then it occured to me...THIS isn't her blog debut at ALL.


(Thanks for another chance, Heather!)
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JB Parker's Cafe and Catering

I'll vouch for it myself.

And just to make sure the quality remains high, for you local Gentle Viewers, I vow to continue to keep going back and, you know, making sure the quality is high.

I suffer for you so, Gentle Viewers. May I say the quality of the Rueben last week was particularly high. Later in the week I'll be, you know, making sure the cannoli is good enough for you also. If you know what I'm saying.

I think you do.

Update: Gentle Viewer Anonymous who seems to know a LOT more about JB Parkers than I do mentions that they have a website.

They also appeared to think that I was referring to the place as The Thing of the Moment which regular Gentle Viewers know I'd NEVER do. If I don't like something I FREELY bad mouth it but I NEVER bad mouth a place that will serve me food and I plan on going back. :)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Way To Go, Judy Josey!

Judy is a friend and former coworker who gave up her school gig to take up photography. A much braver photographer than I, for many reasons, she hit the local big time with her image appearing on the cover of this month's Bangor Metro Magazine. Now I KNOW I have said HARSH thing about Bangor Metro and their photo acquisition policies in the past and there is NO reason to dig up THAT ugliness again but I did want to plug my friend's photo.

She's gotten sly, too! These women will be finding out they were photographed outside this coffee shop in Ellsworth when they see themselves on the cover. Judaaaay! Proud of you!

Judy also does weddings and the like. She can be contacted here.
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I Am So Not Telling You Where This Gas Station Is

You understand.
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Bow Down Before My Sensitive New Age Male Floral TtV Collage


Note to the men: Embrace your feminine side and love this freely.

Note to the women: Just trying to worm my way into your hearts and pants again. Pay me no mind.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Black and White Moon

That was all they had in 1969.

I think you know what I'm sayin'.

That's right.
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ND Filter Fun

Joseph Catalano is a New York City area photographer who contacted your lowly and humble photographic servant to ask about a review I left on about a lens. Young Joe has seen wisely to let ME buy the lenses, make the mistakes, and shelve them rather than doing it himself. Wise man.

So he emails from Niagara Falls and asks about water blur which I know nothing about because I've never been able to do so I Google it and read about ND filters and NEED THEM IMMEDIATELY. So while Joe is enjoying his little vacation to Niagara Falls I'm running out to Best Buy and coming back to my apartment to take photos of trafficSo I can tell him about the ND filters.

See why I'm the lowly and humble photographic servant?

This is Joe's Website, An Accidental Cliche. It's SOON to be filled with great photos of Astroland/Coney Island. If not, I'm just going to keep begging him for some.
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Sand Beach

If you click on it you can see all the ants people.
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Yellow Umbrellas

and odd vignetting.
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From Travelinma's Backyard

The Stone Barn
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

No, Virginia, The ISO1600, Wide Open Aperture, Black and White Thing

Doesn't work as well with a point and shoot. (Canon SX100, for the record).

Although it does kill a few minutes in the office.
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The Porthole Fountain