Saturday, July 30, 2005

Carnies: Day 11: The Gamers "STEP RIGHT UP! EVERY ONE A WINNAH!"

Sandy's in action. Now the gamers are sort of the rear guard for the Carnival. The rides and ride operators show up a week in advance but the gamers and food concession folks arrive en masse a day or two before the show starts. Gamers also have far more contact with the public, for obvious reasons. They also work on commission. Feel free to walk away from a game barker with a polite no thank you and they will move on to the next person on the midway but do not make eye contact and then just walk away without any response, they'll watch you walk away and call you a name. Heh heh Of course not any that I met with THIS fair. Posted by Picasa

Hoops and Darts Posted by Picasa

Care Bears Posted by Picasa

MiniBall Posted by Picasa

100 shots $3.00 Posted by Picasa

Sandy's Water Race Posted by Picasa

1WINS Posted by Picasa

Soft Stuffed Top Quality Prizes Posted by Picasa

Water Race Posted by Picasa

Kids Win Everytime! This guy is either tired or ducking a warrant and doesn't want his photo taken. Posted by Picasa

Frog Pond Posted by Picasa

Casino. This does not bode well for the Pro-Casino lobby in Maine Posted by Picasa

Basketball Posted by Picasa

MacroDay: Shiny

MacroDay: Shiny Posted by Picasa

Carnies: Day 10: Opening Day "Getcher shirts on, The People are coming!"

Balloon Pop Posted by Picasa

FS Posted by Picasa

Nothing good comes of this. Nothing. Posted by Picasa

Cold Drink Posted by Picasa

Peter Posted by Picasa

Lock and load Posted by Picasa

jkirlin busted 1 with his complimentary 3 pitches. Throwing against the tin was almost as much fun as breaking the bottle. Posted by Picasa

Joanne and friend. This is a big improvement over last year. Last year Joanne advised me that if I pointed my camera at her again I'd be taking colon shots with it. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Porthole Fountain