Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The 2008 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

The human, kayak and canoe carnage that is the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race will occur on April 19th this year.

Images from last year's race can be found here.

Michael Alden's authoritative website with registration information, images, and the like can be found here.

Photos from this year's race by your lowly and humble photographic servant can be found here.

And other photo sets by folks I'll vouch for even if they would deny knowing me in public!

Justin Russell

Mike Alden's Number One Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race Web Site In the World!

Mike and Jen Murphy

Skip Hawkes

Matt Hamann

The Thing of the Moment®'s Lensbaby® Macro Quiz®

Is this SuperMacro Image __________________________?

A. The little chromish logo thing from my absurdly stupid Motorola Red Razr

B. The SWEET new Chest Logo from my awesome Star Trek uniform in which I have a lifespan of one episode because, of course, I'm a red shirt.

(Submitted to Macroday: Modern)
(Waiting to be submitted to any photomeme: Dork)
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Baseball, Sweet Baseball!

As the 2008 Pre Season starts I find myself riveted to the whole Congressional Steroids/Mitchell Report, Clemens/McNamee thing.

Not because I care about steroid use, I really really don't but because if Congress is doing this THE WAR MUST BE OVER


I couldn't find it on Google or in the news or anything but SURELY it must be if they have time for this!

Congress, you are so frigging awesome! Seriously! Keep up the good work!

And thanks!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Thing of the Moment's Bad Chinese Food Pun O'The Day®

Duck Socks.


(See? No matter how riled up your lowly and humble photographic servant gets at the LUNACY and CORRUPTNESS of our elected officials, the purpose of this blog almost always stays the same: Taking photos because I have a camera and chasing a lame chuckle, and YOU Gentle Viewers, are the better for it.)
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Kodak Brownie 2

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Friday, February 15, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

Just when you think you have seen the most incompetent, evil, corrupt, despicable, ignorant, unenlightened, stupid thing ever at a National level, God is right around the corner, in his practical joking infinite wisdom, with a whole handful of local bullshit that has much greater and immediate impact on your life just to remind you that you haven't seen ANYTHING yet.

Did you know that to hold an elected office of say, for example, oh, I dunno, school board, you need zero qualifications? Why that has to be proven and demonstrated constantly I have no idea.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Soothing Lensbaby Images of Next Winter's Firewood

Shhhhh....shhhhh....bad election over for now. It's ok, ok. Look! Pretty wood and snow! See? Shhh...calm down... Breathe deep. In....out.... Iiiiinnnn...ooooutt.... good.

Until Guam on 2/16 and Wisconsion on 2/19, American Samoa on 2/23 then Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio and TEXAS ON 3/4!!!!!!

No! No...shhhh...pretty wood. See the snow? Pretty snow. Breathe in...breathe out....
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SUPER Delegate Governor John Elias Baldacci

I'm sure Governor Baldacci is a nice man at some level. He's pretty good with the grip and grin, I think. He is terrified and bullied into not raising taxes. He'd rather dismantle the state than face Carol Palesky again. No Profile in Courage he. Moving aside from the fact that 62% of the people who voted for Governor in the last election voted AGAINST him,let's discuss his role as a Super Delegate.

Maine has 25 delegates which are now pledged 15 for Barak Obama and 9 for Hillary Clinton based on this weekend's faux Democratic Caucus. However, there are 10 SUPER Delegates who are part of the Maine Democratic Machine who are firmly in Clinton's camp for the same back room politicing that Democrats get so spastic about and accuse the Republicans of. One Super Delegate carries the voting power of 40,000 regular voters. The headlines that say Obama won Maine? Just to pacify the torch carrying mobs until they get surprised at the convention by which time it will be too late to do anything about it.

So to give you an example of why you don't want John Baldacci operating on your brain, designing your rockets, or casting your Super Delegate vote, I present his expressed reason for supporting Hillary Clinton: "It's time for a woman in the White House." That's ok for your 4th grade Civics Class Governor Baldacci, but when speaking to the Maine Democratic Party I can only extrapolate that as you saying "It's not yet time for a black man in the White House."

You'd have been better served by someone suggesting that maybe you stick to policy rather than body parts and skin color or have some shame and say nothing at all.

The woman in the last post, with the Hillary buttons is named Judy Williams. While we were waiting, we were making small talk and both mentioned how it was our first caucus and then each confessed that we wished we didn't HAVE to participate, but that we can't trust anyone to do the right thing without being watched. At the time we chuckled about it because we thought it was a joke.

Why SOME of the retractions about Governor Baldacci and his role of a super delegate? I under stand WHY they have super delegates a little bit better now (see previous post) and, the good Governor actually said in a radio interview that he'd prefer a Primary System. (I also realize I probably shouldn't blog when I'm angry.) :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bangor Democratic Caucus - Scam Warning - Update! Truce!

My local ex-wife entering my local caucus site. I brought her along because she's the only other Democrat I know in my neighborhood. And now that we aren't married, we can agree politically again.

Foreshadowing the Clinton campaign.

Apparently, one of my neighbors. Who knew?

Senator John Kerry patiently waiting for someone to Google the answer to the question: "Can anyone name the last Democratic Presidential Candidate?"

This was my first caucus and I REALLY think I prefer a Primary system although this was SORT of fun. Obama won in my neighborhood 2 to 1. Of course now that I've seen the heated political nuts activists in action that live here I'm going to start locking my doors at night.

Additionally, thanks to laanba, I can now say "Why yes, I HAVE been published in the New York Times, thank you for asking."

And there are some additional photos of local Democratic leaning hotties here.

My final take on my first caucus? It's a joke.

The caucus is a used as a barrier to participation by most voters so that the elected officials and other party wonks get to decide what happens at the convention. It's truly a disgusting display by each party. Not one of Maine Republican delegates are pledged making the Republican primary a joke and the Democratic party has 10 Superdelegates who can do whatever they like (Maine only has 24 delegates total) making THAT a joke.

I'm less likely to participate next time because now I KNOW you only get played at a caucus. You people who live in Primary States are a bit luckier.

Update: Ok, I'm STILL proPrimary and I was surprised to find how many Superdelegates themselves at in favor of a primary system. But now I understand a little better the role of the Super delegate.

In a NUTSHELL, let's say for example you have a season with VERY low turnout (unlike this year) and the primary voters and caucus goers are the most EXTREME elements of a party (Either party) the fringe will elect a candidtate with NO chance of winning the general election. So the Democratic Party Super Delegate System was sort of designed as a safety switch rather than a ruthless power grab.

An example of extremists ruining the chances for a parties victory can best be reflected in our last Gubenetorial election where the Republicans nominated a right winger named Chandler Woodcock who could only get 30% of the vote (most likely his original consistency) rather than the moderate and reasonable Peter Mills assuring Governor Baldacci's victory with 38% of the vote.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Grey Herringbone Chuck Taylors

Yeah, they have a certain circus clown thing going on.

But Rebecca, the very nice dental assistant who I was VERY irritable to, said she liked them.
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Sunday, February 03, 2008

TriCity Pizza

Pepperoni, hamburger because I am lucky and you are not!

(Looking this closely though, even I start to question its health benefits.)

Submitted to Macroday: Snack.
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The Porthole Fountain