Monday, January 29, 2007

Safety Pup's® Ski Lift Tips

Pay attention to skiers below the lift.
Pay attention to skiers on the lift
Pay attention to signs that read 'keep ski tips AND poles up at midstation ramp.'
Safety Pup® Sez: If you're gonna be a dumbass, bring extra poles!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Thing of the Moment's 'Huh?' Quiz

Is this image: _____________

A: James Bond's Lamp?

B: A toilet paper roll held in front of the Canon Powershot S2 in jkirlin's ever expanding attempt to take photos with things held in front of his cameras and thereby gloriously earning his cherished designation by PhotoFrank as 'experimental' (emphasis on the 'mental')?

C. Proof that it's time for The Thing of the Moment's Annual Midwinter Hiatus?

D. Other (Please specify)

Please, as always, no wagering and keep your eyes on your own paper.
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Coolest Exogenous Neurotoxin EVER!

WAY cooler than Slinky or Silly Putty. It's a shame it's so poisonous because mercury is COOL!

Not as cool as Uranus, but still...

I think I remember playing with some as a kid. Which would explain a lot.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Thing of the Moment's Guide to How I Have Grown as a Photographer

Pre dSLR Photographer Me: What a LOVELY family portrait situation we have here.


I still haven't decided if the Rebel XTi is made by Canon or Electrolux.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Of This and Other Things I Beg Your Forgiveness

This is Jan. Jan is the most patient woman on Earth. She will hold any pose, assume any position and even take one in the eye for a good photo.
That's the art teacher, Pat, taking one in the head for The Thing of the Moment
OW! Not again.
Lois is also amazingly patient and loves getting into the act.

Do you guys hit those photographic winter doldrums where you've taken photos of everything and it's really too cold to go out and look for anything new? My fisheye/peephole has given me a bit of a charge but I'm still reduced to silly things like this.

May God have mercy on my photographer soul.

Until he does, I've been posting a little bit over here at Go look around until I get my photographic act together. Go! Shoo! Then come back to where everyone likes you and tells you how good you look here at...

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pink Sunglasses

People are also mildly more willing to be photographed with your odd little peephole lens. As long as you agree not to post them. The children, lacking such foresight, had no such preconditions. Posted by Picasa

That's Right

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

TorekimiFishEyeLens® Kit

Available at The Thing of the Moment Store.

299.99 with FREE shipping, and no sales tax outside of Maine. (Maine residents add 5%) (Panasonic FX01 not included)


Eye de la Fish

Inspiriation provided by the BRILLIANT torekimi who always thinks of things YEARS before I do.

Fisheye Lens by Home Depot
Fish Eye Lens Models: John Dionne, Sea Dog Brew Pub, and the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge.


Well...and plastic.

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Another Flower Macro for Abhi Jain (Wherever you are)

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Paddy Murphy's, in O'Bangor, O'Maine

Also known as, 'We'll out-Irish you anyday, you real Irish, what with your unthatched rooves, and your houses not made of fieldstone, and your not wearing Irish Sweaters from morn til night and your not listening to Enya and Daniel O'Donnell and your not watching Riverdance on your licensed TeeVees after a hard day of digging rotting potatoes by HAND."

Yeah, we are WAY more Irish than you because this will be the SECOND Irish Pub opening in as many months. The other Irish pub, Cristof's conveniently located just a wee stagger about 100 feet away (one rotted potato toss). Please, watch the curb, you REAL Irish.

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The Porthole Fountain