Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Calf and a Half

For Half Nekkid Thursday

And fear not, Gentle Viewers, this will not be a blog you must avoid on Thursdays because I'm only doing this once.

This was originally posted on June 30th for Half Nekkid Thursday and turned out to be a VERY FUN photo, I'm also very pleased with the lighting, cropping. That would make this silly bit of hedonism MY FAVORITE for the year

and thusly submitted for Thursday Challenge: My Favorite.Posted by Hello

Kids, When I Was Growing Up, Gas Was Less Than 2 Bucks Per Gallon!

I took this for in Aug 2003 for 2 reasons, I was learning to take night photos, and I couldn't believe the high price of gas. Posted by Picasa

Lensday: Candy

I know, I have to stop posting photos of gkirlin. I'll try to go on some self imposed moratorium.Posted by Picasa

Good Luck to Louisiana and Mississippi

Display at the Cajun Food Booth at the American Folk Festival.

Donations to Hurricane Relief 2005 at the American Red Cross may be made herePosted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

Enjoying the Music at the American Folk Festival

Couple Posted by Picasa

Dancing Ring Posted by Picasa

Enjoy Music in Your Own Way

She was like this as I walked up...took a couple of pictures, talked to her a little...and was STILL like that when I looked back a couple of minutes later. Posted by Picasa

This Is YOU

Are you:

A) The New Nokia 75000 Wearable Cell Phone?

B) A desperate shareholder trying to pump up your US Cellular Stock?

C) The person who drew the short straw back at the office?

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Kissing on the Street: Part 1

Do we see this less now because A) We are winning fewer World Wars against the Japanese? Or B) The Increased Availablity of "Rooms" Posted by Picasa

Kissing on the Street: Part 2

He: I've been waiting for you for hours... desperately!

She: I'm sorry, the know. But we're together now... FINALLY! Posted by Picasa

Kissing on the Street: Part 3

He: At last, Contessa! We meet in person!

She: Contessa?? Posted by Picasa

Kissing on the Street: Part 4

He: You aren't Contessa, Carol's roomate, who works at the Hospital?

She: No, You aren't, I mean, Vince??

He: No, ummm...well this is a little awkward.... Posted by Picasa

Kissing on the Street: Part 5

He: I, uh...

She: Listen, We better go, I think that's jkirlin in the bushes over there and we'll end up on his stupid blog.

He: Great, just what my wife needs to see... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005

August: Portrait of an Unknown Father and Son

Second in a series of images featuring people across the lifespan experiencing the end of summer.

The first image can be seen here on this page.

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Bye Bye Birdie: The End of Another Era

I've been asked to remove my bird feeder, by my landlords, which I suppose is reasonable given that it's attached to the side of the house inches from my window. Posted by Picasa Abstract


Would the art world be any different had Jackson Pollock's chosen medium been seafood?

First of a series of Three Posted by Picasa

Crabs Posted by Picasa

Bait Posted by Picasa

Male Bonding

"Mean Don" and zkirlin tussling it up on turn 4 and unable to get past a t-boned jkirlin. There is no zoom used in this shot. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

Boston (and May God Have Mercy on its Soul.)

What, you ask, is locked up so tightly behind this big fat gate?


I was whining to my new blog friend, Invictus Oculus about how, for me, photography is a solitary pursuit. I'm reduced to snapshooting when anyone is around and SUCKING snapshooting at that.

Then I wonder why I can't even PAY my non-blog friends to look at my blog. I practically have to hand over hand them just to get them to bring it up on their browsers ONCE.


But I digress.

I went to Boston to meet a friend for dinner and thought I would take several hundred stunning jaw dropping photos and took nothing but CRAPOLA!

I didn't have it.

You ever have days like that, Gentle Viewer?

Do ya?

Yeah ya do.

But you know what you do?

You maintain your diginity and not post!


Enjoy the banality! Posted by Picasa

Great Art is Lost on Me

Even Medium Art.

I have no idea what bowling has got to do with the Boston Public Library. (McKim Building).
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After 40 years, I know what I want out of life.

To NOT be blown here during a freak sky diving accident. Posted by Picasa

Mr Blue Sky

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The Porthole Fountain