Monday, February 28, 2005

Three Brothers

You have to click on the photo for Hi-Res for this one. Both Cecil, a corporal, and Maurice, a private, were in the 103rd Infanty, 43rd Division. They died within a day of each other. A Google search of the Divisions showed that Cecil and Maurice died taking Georgia Island in the Pacific and Frank, serving in Germany with the 76th infantry died shortly before the end of the war. Posted by Hello


Abandoned Tannery, Howland, ME Posted by Hello

Pine Tree Tanning Co Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 27, 2005

American Mayhem

This was going to be OTHER entry for Moody Monday's Artistic theme. But you can only have ONE. Gluttons! Posted by Hello

Moody Monday. Theme: Artistic

Ice Cream Float. Part of Mount Desert Island's Outdoor Art Program, Summer 2004. Echo Lake, ME. Posted by Hello

Your House Finch Cool Fact O' The DAY®

Eastern populations descend from the 1940 release of illegally caged birds on Long Island, which were probably trapped in the Los Angeles area by pet shop owners from New York. - (Fact stolen by jkirlin, esteemed ornithologist.)Posted by Hello

House Finch 2 Posted by Hello

House Finches Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Macroday: Sharp

MacroDay: Sharp Posted by Hello

Ok, it's not that sharp but your mother will still yell at you to close it if you try running with it.

Seven Dollar Triple Foam

You car will look like ASS if you only pay for the double or single. Children will point, dogs will bark, and old women will laugh. Posted by Hello

I Walk The Frozen Beach Alone®*

Sand Beach Posted by Hello

* Please have your legal counsel contact me for rights to use that GREAT line.

~ TatuNurse's REAL Maine

Stephanie Diane Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

Hey Kenny!

Center Console

Kenny is a very fine photographer, Gentle Viewer, and friendly commenter in this blog. He lives in and shows us the great Northwest. His blog is here and these 5 photos of mine are a COMPLETE RIP OFF OF THESE.

I warned him I was going to do it and he foolishly sent me en email of encouragement.

Next time I will save myself the effort and just cut and paste his fine photos over to my blog and name them 'my own' and send around nasty notes of how he copied ME! Posted by Hello

Alt Posted by Hello

Prop Posted by Hello

For Neene

Wheelhouse from the Front Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

High School Basketball


My niece is a cheerleader here. Posted by Hello

Sara Watching Posted by Hello

Cheering Line Posted by Hello

Bag Update

A Gentle Viewer wrote and asked about the bag stuck in the tree as I hadn't posted in a while. It's still out there and shows no sign of going anywhere. It was collecting snow during the last storm and I thought maybe THAT would be the end of it but it's still there. This will be harder to monitor, I think, when the leaves come back. But between all my other obligations, and dealing with both the Nobel Commitee and the College of Cardinals (I really can't talk about these right now.), I can keep you updated.Posted by Hello

One of the Most Difficult Moments of Unclehood

Having to tell your delighted niece that the skeleton she just found in the minigolf obstacle isn't real. Posted by Hello

The Porthole Fountain