Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joe Catalano, One of NYCs Great Photographers

And worst tourists. Joe agreed to meet up on a recent trip to New York because he incorrectly assumed it might be pleasant. My friend Cheryl and I dragged him through miles of Central Park because we didn't know where anything was and couldn't agree on what to see. We were mentioning different tourist things we had done, and Joe in true NY fashion had never been to any. He out lensbabied me and moves through a crowd like the wind once he finds his photographic targets.
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Bird On My Head! YES!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Facebook Effect

For the past few years I have maintained this and another photoblog, as well as a cluttered flickr account that I have basically used as online storage. It's gotten some decentish traffic which I have been VERY appreciative of through word of mouth promotion, shared links, contest entries, and what have you. But I have never seen anything deliver traffic like "The Facebook." I posted and linked a set of untagged street portraits and look at the traffic spike.
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The Porthole Fountain