Monday, July 30, 2007

The 2007 American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine August 24,25,26.

Kate Collins of the Bangor Daily News

The Little Dude from Bangor Metro

Gabor Degre of the Bangor Daily News

and me, your lowly and humble photographic servant (that is NOT my truck, just typical fare for me) will be among the photographers covering the 2007 American Folk Festival. Well, they will be covering it, I'll just be running around like a Goober as always, only this year doing it with PRESS CREDENTIALS! YAY! Thanks to Festival Director Heather McCarthy who KINDLY granted them even after admitting she has seen this Monumental and Majestic Work of Epic Proportions and in particular this shot of the truck, which was right outside the Festival offices or probably just to get me off the phone.

So I will be live photoblogging for you here at The Thing of the Moment.

You can find it all and links to outside information here.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007


But I'm totally trying to copy Calvin Coleman of Central Living and upon further review can't even come close.

Calvin and I go way back, to birth actually. For he is truly my brother from another mother to overuse the Fraternity cliche. Now people often get Calvin and I mixed up. He's a tall, handsome, strapping Nikon wielding black man, and I'm a middle aged, short, dumpy, white, red headed, Canon guy. So it's totally understandable.

He found a video of me on YouTube once and when I showed this to Zbjernak in Malaysia and told him it was he and I, he wanted to know who was who. (It's not funny unless you watch the video, which isn't TOTALLY safe for work.

Anyway, I can recognize a Calvin Coleman from 10 miles away at night. They have these gritty, grainy look that he has mastered. (Initially I thought it was just his crappy Nikon but now I know it's that he has STYLE.) Check him out. Don't tell him I sent you though.
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Age and Fatigue Redux

An update and revisit to THIS post.

Thaaaat's right. New glasses.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rock Climbing at Otter Cliffs

Your lowly and humble photographic servant will never be known as your lowly and humble rock climbing servant but MAY be known as your humble and lowly photographic servant who doesn't mind photographing things he'd never do in a MILLION years. I had seen from a distance, people climbing Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park for years and in absence of this year Carnies shoot, I thought I'd try something different. I had taken a few that I wasn't very happy with and while back in the parking lot decided to give it one more shot when I saw a family arrive...

Yeah, that's right, I walked over to their little family gathering and said 'Hey, if you don't mind..." and they didn't!

It was probably easier and quicker than trying to call the Rangers and with any luck, I'd slip and fall and be dashed against the cliffs by the waves and bothering them no more.

Some of those shots and others can be seen here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bottle Game

This game is cool for a few reasons. Hitting the tin backstop make a 'bang' you can hear all over the Midway. Hitting a bottle is VERY satisfying, it's kinda cool having him reach into the ple of broken glass for a ball with that grabber, pick broken glass out of it, then hand it to you for your turn and lastly, you might actually win.

This bottle game? No chance.

Posted for Tuesday Challenge: Bottle
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bradford Day Ain't All Just a Mud Run

Walker, Bradford Ranger

It's also celebrating the Mongol Tradition of learned centuries ago on the steppes of Outer Mongolia, home to Bradford's Hun Founders...

The Traditional Return of the Hat.

"Here's your hat, Walker, Bradford Ranger."
"Thank you, young Hun Warrior."
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Gah. Here Is Another One.

Although I'm oddly less averse if they have wings. Go figure.
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I've Always Been Averse to Clowns and Mimes

I don't know what THIS thing counts as. Dawn had one of these posted on her photoblog and I left a comment saying how I found them to be a bit creepy. They stand there unmoving, then if you put money in that little bowl it moves around and blows a kiss and then goes back to not moving. Ick.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bradford Day Mudduhs

The Mud Run is back by popular demand after 2 years of the hideous ATV pull.

More photos of it than you could ever want to see unless you were in it can be found as promised HERE.
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Buzz Lightyear, Sparky the Firedog, AND...


The shotgun riding lady in question is feeling:

A) Concern that her house on fire in Hudson may not be put out in a timely manner as promised.

B) Certainy that she will never accept the first ride offered after trying to escape her assisted living apartment again.

C) That she wishes she had something besides candy to throw at your lowly and humble photographic servant.

No cheating
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If You Live in a Neighboring Town

And your house catches on fire on Bradford Day. You are so screwed.

Arsonists don't even TRY anything on Bradford Day IN Bradford. Fire Insurance is FREE!
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I Never Tire Of Shots Like This

Although you may someday.

Ok, maybe even now. Bradford Day continuuuues.
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Boy with Pet Crow

Last image?

Boy with Pet Crow realizing the dozens of crows in the tree watching over the injured crow will bring down a Hitchcockian Vengence upon him.
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The Porthole Fountain