Friday, June 30, 2006


Granted it's poorly composed but I didn't want to crop one pixel. And neither did you.

Update: The famous tore of thought the above photo reminded her of Britney Spears but I was after, and I think quite successfully captured something closer to this.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ashes to Ashes

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Happy Biiirthday Dwight D Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highwaaaays

Happy 50th Birthday to yooooooooooou.

You can read more about it and take a FUN Interstate Highway Quiz at the USA Today website. The article seems to be a little Grumpy Gussy about the whole Insterstate thing but they are just jealous that Ike thought of it before they did.

My little burg of Bangor has about a dozen exits which make intercity travel by Interstate easier than crossing the street. Eisenhower was set against the Interstate being used that way and the PLAN was to go around cities with little feeder highways going in. Screw Eisenhower. He drank and used to beat Mamie. I know because I read it in a book.

More cool Federal Highway Information here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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People at Work® - THE SERIES

As many of you Gentle Viewers know, the day job that I, your lowly and humble photographic servent, am frequently advised not to give up is perhaps the most boring job on Earth when photographed. A public relations person once called and asked if she could take photos of what I did for a promotional brochure and she kept asking 'This is it?'. Addtionally, my job is wrapped up in so much red tape, privacy concerns, HIPAA and FERPA regulations that I couldn't even show you the nice stuff if there was any.

Also as many of you Gentle Viewers know, I am VERY susceptible to flattery. I'm a tool. I think it was neene who once complimented a series of People at Work and that was that. I must do more. MUCH more.It's easy to take pictures of people at work. All you have to do is ask. People are generally interested in what they do, even if they hate it (but most don't), and will talk to you about it or at least let you watch. I find that it seems to make sense to them that someone might take photos of it. At least much more so than if I try to take photos of people NOT at work. ("Get away or I will TAZE YOU!")

Some of these are new, some you have seen before, some I have used for other purposes but these sets come closer to representing the complete shoot. Rarely do these photos illustrate the entire scope of a person's job, merely the tiny part they have graciously allowed me to see, photograph, and generally be in the way of.

During this Summer (When I DON'T work), I will try to further win neene over by collecting and taking more photos of people at work and posting them as sets on my flickr account...

But you can access them here, where it's always good and you are welcomed and people like you...

Here at The Thing of the Moment

Now, for your Gentle Viewing pleasure, I present:

People at Work®: Blueberry Field Burners
People at Work®: Window Washer
People at Work®: Mussel Truck Lumpers
People at Work®: Tattoo Artist
People at Work®: Kiddie Show Ringmaster
People at Work®: Watch Repairman
People at Work®: Railroad Police
People at Work®: Grave Diggers
People at Work®: Marquee Sign Changer
People at Work®: Singer Laurie Jones
People at Work®: Traffic Stripers
People at Work®: Sidewalk Masons
People at Work®: Haymakers
People at Work®: Sea Truk Crew
People at Work®: Buskers
People at Work®: Carnies - The Carousel Crew
People at Work®: Lobster Bait Dealers
People at Work®: Bricklayers
People at Work®: The Ferry Crew
People at Work®: The Beekeepers
And more to follow....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Requiem in Pace, Jenn See

It is with profound sadness that I found, and post for you who knew Jenn, her obituary. I have changed the names for her only because she always had.

(See), JENNIFER M. 26 - of Ventnor, died of an aneurysm at her home in Staten Island, NY. She attended Purdue University and Rutgers College and was a graduate of Atlantic City High School. Jennifer was an accomplished photographer and published poet. She was our bright, shining star whose light will never go out. She was passionate about everything and saw beauty everywhere; her camera was an extension of her heart. While Jennifer possessed a physical beauty, it was her inner glow that brought happiness into the hearts of everyone she touched. She was filled with a love of life and greeted everyday with zest. Jennifer's friends and family are comforted in knowing that she left this world at the happiest time of her life.

She is survived by her parents, Cynthia and Robert Walker; brother Jonathan (See) of Ventnor; and her maternal grandmother, "Grandmere" Edwige Folmer of Lawrenceville. She is predeceased by her father, Charles (See). She leaves behind her companion, soul mate and love of her life, (oldben) of Staten Island, NY. She will be missed by her uncles and aunts, Thomas (See) (Jill), Dennis (See) (Donna), Patricia (See) Lax, Raymond Reganato (Nina), Jeffrey Folmer (Eileen) and Bernadette Bannister (Pat); her cousins, Julie (See), Douglas (See), Carly (See), Kelly (See), Denny (See), Jill Ann Reganato, Christopher S. Lax, Maura Folmer, and Shannon Folmer. She also leaves behind many loving friends, especially her "sister" Kylin.

Friends and family are invited to join a celebration of Jennifer's life on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. at The George H. Wimberg Funeral Home, 1707 New Road, Linwood, where friends may call from 11:00 a.m. to time of service.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the "Jan-Ai Scholarship Fund", established to memorialize Jennifer's life through her writings and photographs. It will benefit struggling creative writers and photographers so that her spirit and dreams will live on in others. Donations for this fund can be sent to Robert Walker, PO Box 8068, Atlantic City, NJ 08404.

Her real obituary.

Her guest book.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Sage Advice For Photographic Subjects®: Number 1

If you are an ADULT and ANYONE offers to take a photo of YOU with YOUR PARENT(S) and GIVE it to you for FREE... EVEN if you don't WANT to...

you do it, anyway...

Because your forehead ain't MADE for the slap yer gonna give it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Godspeed, my little friend.

Four days ago I posted an image for Jenn See based upon a comment she had made about an earlier post. She never commented on it which wasn't like her.

According to this post Jenn unexpectedly passed away. She will be terribly missed.

From her Blogger Profile:

jenn see
Age: 26
Gender: female
Astrological Sign: Aries
Zodiac Year: Monkey
Location: Staten Island : New York : United States

About Me

i like to wander off. i do a good deal of hanging on to a ny area band, Happy Anarchy. i grew up in a shore town so i get my ocean fix as often as possible. i discover new & fascinating things on my own street, or towns i've lived in for years, & i can travel many time zones & still recognize something. i like happiness. i'm probably taking a photo of you RIGHT NOW. look, there i am.

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

between black holes.

Sleep well, Jenn See.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Goodbye Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, We Hardly Knew Ye.

The Thing of the Moment generally does not get all misty eyed at the departure of Top Administration Officials (With the Exception of former EPA Chief Carol Browner, "Roowr!") But today Norm Mineta has submitted his resignation and the Government is less good for it.

Below is an except of an interview showing his humble nature where he discusses his role during the September 11th attacks:

"Monte [Belger, acting deputy administrator]," he recalled saying that day, "bring all the planes down. If they are coming eastbound, turn them around and get them out of here. If they're westbound, have them go on to their destinations or get them down as quickly as possible."

As a result, 4,836 planes landed in 2 hours and 12 minutes without further incident.

"The skill and the professionalism of the air traffic controllers, the dedication of the pilots and flight attendants really, they worked as a team all the way around to bring those planes down safely," Mineta added. "My job was the easiest part."

Moved and modfied from it's original post date of Sept 11th 2005.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

There's a Million Stories in the Naked City II

Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Model 66-1
NOW it's a Private Investigator Hallway
Temple of the Masculine Divine

Todays's post was either this or some nudes and I KNOW how you Gentle Viewers hate nudes. (Except those of you with feed readers and you KNOW who you are) Comments? Anyone? Anyone? Tore?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006


Leave nice Mr Leighton alone
and NO stopping at the Temple of the Feminine Divine
Disappointingly there are no Private Investigators in this building.
Here we are...

Taber Watch Repair

Andy and his son, Keith, kindly allowed me to come back after
getting my own watch repaired to take some photos for a project so as a favor: 942-3538 :)
Andy has been repairing watches for over 50 years.
He is also an informal downtown historian.

People At Work®: Andy Taber

Andy very nicely told me about learning the trade at the Waltham Watch Factory in Waltham, Mass and how, after teaching there for a short while, he returned to Maine and has been at it ever since. His paraphrased advice: Do what you do because you love it because it will rarely make you rich.

A Prequel: As If I'm George Freaking Lucas

Regular and Obsessive Gentle Viewers (namely ME) will recognize the top image of me being totally busted by this woman while sneaking photos on the train. Travis Ruse, I ain't.

But tonight while looking at them again I noticed the image I took before this one and I liked it, TOO! So I've posted it here Second..even though it was first, and uh.... See because, Lucas, I uh...Ok forget that.

Gentle Viewers: I reintroduce thee to Woman on a Train! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Schaefer Cam Cleats

Not in their natural environment which would be screwed to the deck of a sailboat. I have a little 'momento' from every sailboat I ever owned.

These are cannibalized from the Santana 20 and now proudly posted for Macroday: Symmetry.

I was waiting to post them to Macroday: Screwing Over the Next Guy Who Owns Your Boat but Carlo wouldn't make it a theme.

Update, Oct 2008. Can some of the MANY MANY South Africans who are inexplicably googling "cam cleats and how they work" etc please explain why? Is South Africa starting a massive sailing regatta?

It should be fairly easy to figure out how they work one you see them but in case not...

The free end of the line passes through the cam and then the cam bites it to keep it from pulling back though, when you want the line to go back through you just snap it up out of the cam. It's sweet. Little inner springs keep the cams closed. If you want one diassembled and taken in an exploded view, email me! I do requests! (I also like taking them apart and putting them back together. It feels like doing minute boat maintenance at my desk.)


A photographer taking a photo of his friend leaning into heavy winds did not realize that HE made for the better subject.

Hey Josh! Wanna Picture of Your Wife's Ass?

Josh: "Sure!"

Another in a series of photos blog harrassing my friends to increase my Gentle Viewership. :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Landing Party

I was kayaking a hundred yards or so out from this little picnic area whenpeople started to yell and wave. At first I just waved and kept paddling then I saw this little sneaker with a dry sock floating near me. The boy in the Korea Rocks shirt left his shoe too near the shore and the tide lifted it and carried it off. So I popped it onto the bow of my kayak and paddled in.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whimsy or You Can't Get Nothin' Past MY Gentle Viewers

I recently found this old image of a gardening shed and liked it even though it was WAY over processed and roughly done and thought I would post it anyway. Gentle Viewer Anon Emous faintly praised it in the comments and IMMEDIATELY retracted when he saw what shoddy workmanship it was. Go look!

THAT, Other Gentle Viewers, is why I try to stay on my toes. Because you keep me there. I leave this here as an example of being taken to the proverbial woodshed.

As an aside, I use my photos as a screen saver on my computer at work and one day as it was running and I heard a student say "OH MY GOD THAT'S MY SHED!! Why were you taking photos of my shed???" Why, indeed?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Porthole Fountain