Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gentle Viewer Leigh's Grand Finale

Actually, the grand finale would have been watching me carry that little stack of typing paper with burning wooden matches on it to the sink and shrieking like a little girl. THAT'S A FINALE!

I just noticed that I said 'typing paper'. TAKE THAT YA YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPPERS! And to me 'wireless' still means a radio! Don't like it? I'll run ya over with my horseless carriage!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chinese Ribbon Dancers

Posted for Thursday Challenge: Color

And the best part? It gives me yet another excuse to post a link for my photos of the 2006 American Folk Festival Posted by Picasa

Gold Dome of the Massachusetts State House

The picture submitted to Golden.
A more poorly composed and exposed yet much more interesting picture of it. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Photography Tips O' The Day®: How to Make a Complete Ass Photographic TOOL of Yourself.

Behold intrepid photographer. Ok, a minor distraction but not too bad. However, that's not good enough...
When she popped up on stage wielding those lenses she startled Mr Alberti who handled it well but you could tell he wasn't expecting it. WHY HAVE lenses like that if you need to be ON THE STAGE? Will we be seeing fleas on Macroday perhaps?
Hip checking the child with the flash was a nice idea, too. Keep that perimeter clear of distracting nuisances. I bet Mr Alberti wishes HE had thought of that
BEGONE YE PHOTOGRAPHIC TOOL! What a dope. Those credentials must give you the right to make an ass of yourself. And you have. Here at...

The Thing of the Moment.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sundown on the 2006 American Folk Festival

The 2006 American Folk Festival ended today. These images were taken from the top of the parking garage which is the BEST and most UNDERUSED and CONVENIENT parking bargain in the city during the folk festival.

The rest of the images canbe seen here.

Also, if you do or don't find yourself on here, email me at and I will delete you or send you your photo pronto. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

2006 American Folk Festival Day 2

Your lowly and humble photographic servant can't resist taking photos like this and you can't resist looking at them, you bunch of old jaded Grinchy Grincherson Gentle Viewers. So I will post them for you anyway.

More photos of the second day of The 2006 American Folk Festival can be seen HEREPosted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bad Pipers

Old Man: But ...but..I gotta get this cart to the front ga...
Bad Piper 1: I'll sit up front, You drive. And Angus McAngus will cover our backs!
Old Man: But...but...a child....

How Do You Get To The American Folk Festival?



Or the Shuttle Bus.

Some opening day images can be found here.

The 2006 American Folk Festival

Just a few of the faces of people responsible (all of who demanded to remain simply anonymous volunteers) for bringing the American Folk Festival to the Bangor Waterfront.

Complete non-Thing of the Moment coverage can be found here.


And more photos of it than you'd ever WANT to see by your lowly and humble photographic servant can be seen HERE.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rite of Passage

This is my newly 18 year old niece sstout's tattoo. She held a gun to my head and made me post this to further rub in everyone's face that she's now an adult. Her parents are less than delighted at this first of presumably thousands of tattoos. I understand how they feel as parents. I once had 3 goldfish. None of which got tattoos. Posted by Picasa

Coming Rain

Reposted ad infinitum

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fire Breather

That's gonna take a Mentos. I wanted a photo from the front but didn't have my camera with the zoom or my pair of Dr. Hellfire's Asbestos Eyebrow Protectors®.

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The Million Dollar View

The Chiputneticook Lake International Conservency Memorial Traffic Turnout and Scenic Overlook Overlooking the Locally Designated And Folk Loreishly Named "Million Dollar View" Incorporated LLC All Rights Reserved. *whew*
The Good folks at CLIC established this little turn out with one of those cool Tower Optical viewer things to enjoy said Million Dollar View...
...and the best part?
It's FREE!

They don't want your stinking quarters, half of which would be Canadian anyway and therefore not worth rolling. They just want you to see their pretty lakes. As opposed to... Posted by Picasa

The Twenty Five Cent View

This is Lincolnville, Maine. And above you can see the ferry terminal and the M/V Margaret Chase Smith.
Lincolnville Beach.
But you don't want to wake up next to it out of season. If you catch my drift.
Somehow I don't think my quarter is going to get me the Million Dollar View. And it SHOULD read, for best results remove eyeglasses and slowly back away.

These 2 posts brought to you by the Community Rivalry Inducing Shit Stirrers here at...

The Thing of the Moment. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Confessions of a Premature Epostulator

This is the version of the web shot that was supposed to accompany the earlier post with the pig. I had been advised by photoblog advisor torekimi to crop out the ugly white distraction on the side and posted it incorrectly.

Today's Tuesdays Photos theme of Network allows me to post the corrected version and now with The Thing of the Moment Lite you don't have the other poor cropped one staring your in your face.

The Porthole Fountain