Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thomas Hill Standpipe

Thursday Challenge: Container

The Thomas Hill Standpipe is the holding tank for water on the west side of the city. Local historian, photographer, promoter and Internet wonk Ryan Robbins gives it a better write up than I ever could for anyone interested.

I'll just call it one tall drink of water.

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Lensday: Independence

Civil War Monument, Lagrange, Maine.

Ok, So it's a Civil War Monument. But he stands alone, like the CHEESE! But the REAL story of Independence can be found in these following photos. This is what he looks at every day. These stores are side by side in a town of about 500 people. I tried to get them in the same frame, but they are far enough away, Gentle Viewer, that you miss out on the full effect. Exhibit One and Exhibit Two Posted by Hello

D & M Discount Tire and Oil and Take Out (or Eat In) Posted by Hello

LaGrange General Store and Redemption (and Take Out) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Go, Speed Racer! Go!

Don doesn't know it yet, but he wants to be a race car driver when he retires. He wants to strap on his helmet and race his car with his pet monkey by his side and have adventures. It's not a life for everyone but he'll make it his own. The smell of gas, the sound of rubber squealing on the track, the smell of of doughboys at the concession stands, all of this makes Don howl at the moon.
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If you stay below the stacks, Bassett, you won't get the smoke in your face.

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A mosquito was, in fact, harmed in the making of this photograph.
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A McRose among McThorns.

I's wrong. It's another flower. It's centered. It's blah blah blah. But I posted it because I took it from my car between the first and second drive-thru windows at my local McDonald's.

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Photo Tuesday: Urban Wildlife

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thursday Challenge: Fragile

I found this inside a tool room of an abandoned railroad deisel shop. Nuts and bolts were stored in jars and screwed up into the lids which were nailed to the shelves. Didn't your Dads do this? Posted by Hello

La Lune

Another cliche, I know. Posted by Hello

Lensday: Smell

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Ladybug in its Natural Environment

That is if its natural environment is plucked from a window and made to walk on a Wenger® Swiss Army Knife so that no matter where it goes it is always on top. Posted by Hello

The Porthole Fountain