Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cheryl at Rest

One of the very few people allowed in my apartment and IN MY CHAIR!

Submitted to Shutterday: Rest
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Why I Shall Never Own an iPhone

Not because I want to avoid the blind Mac cult...

But because my wife, USCellular, will never sell it.

I love USCellular. Motorola, not so much. But USCellular, yes. You can have your AT&Ts and your Verizons, and your iPhones, but when USCellular says at my next renewal that I get a tin can and some string. I'm STILL in!

Submitted to Macroday: Logo.
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Dogs I Have Met®: Chicago

See all in the shadow! Sticking the Sigma 10-20 RIGHT on the snout. I use a dog food scented filter. Or maybe it smells like dog crotch. I dunno.

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Dogs I Have Met®: Chicago

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

TtV Chicago

TtV Bean

TtV Sears Tower

TtV Chicago Board of Trade

We interrupt this TtV Chicago post to bring you a message from The Sidewalk Psychic

"I predicted that cheap ass jkirlin would take my picture and walk away instead of paying for a reading and I was RIGHT!"
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TtV at The American Folk Festival

People LOVE the TtV.

By people, I mean you, you TtV lovers!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Can't Say I Wasn't Warned.

I'm less and less sure I should eat this as I try different pronunciations.
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O'Hare to Dulles

I watched this until 30Rock was shown on the in-flight entertainment system.

Submitted for Tuesday Challenge: Clouds
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Enjoy Music in Your Own Way®

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I Don't Know Dance

Elizabeth and David at The American Folk Festival

I don't know music.
I don't know art.
I don't know photography*.
But I know what I like.

* If I did I'd have used the Sigma 10-20. Life is full of regrets.

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The Porthole Fountain