Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Eye of the Sockmonkey


(After the last two posts I wish I could have gotten in either the phrase 'whore' or 'sex with multiple partners' but it felt wrong.)

Submitted to Macroday: Fabric
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mmm... Turducken

Ever since your lowly and humble photographic servant was a baby gourmand, I've wanted a turducken. I read about it in National Geographic and like most things in National Geographic, it sounded delicious. Stuffing inside a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey.

Man put together an abomination in the eyes of God and an affront to nature and then marked it down from 5.99 per pound to .99 which is, coincidentally, what I had budgeted for turducken this year.

It has cooking directions that even I can follow, so I had one this evening.

So how was my longtime gastronomical dream? You know how sometimes when you are having sex with multiple partners at the same time and it SEEMS like a really great idea... but nothing in this world is equal and the lesser proves to be a distraction when really, you only want the duck.

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Submitted for your Consideration

In a town, just like any town, a man seeks answers to life's questions. He turns not to family, friends, or clergy. No, he turns to 'The Internets."

View with me if you will the following Sitemeter Entry and read down to the Search Words...

.............."How to tell if your girl is a whore"

Since the dawn of time man has asked himself the big questions: Why are we here? Is there life after death? How to tell if your girl is a whore?

The mind reels as we try to grasp this man's angst. But first, by 'girl' does he mean his 19 year old daughter and her stream of middle aged boyfriends skulking past the breakfast table, his wife who only comes over for short visits when called and then goes back to her sick mother's after getting some grocery money, or an under producing member of his flock?

But if one must ask (And surely one must) our first question is: "*coughcough* Why you asking ME??"

Only on The Thing of the Moment Zone

Previous Award Winning Episode of Submitted for Your Consideration is here.
What business is Ontario touting when they say the There's No Better Place in the World to do Business? - The Eds.
Update: Ok, the first one was a joke and I suspected a fluke but now I get several hits per DAY because of THIS POST asking basically the same question. Just today I've gotten hits from Denver, Brooklyn, Texas, and the United Arab Emirates. PLEASE, I beg of you, you post lost souls who are resorting to Googling this, write me at and tell me why. What's the DEAL? I won't even publish the letter unless you want me too. I just have to know now. Thanks in advance.


To the Gentle Viewers at the Mountain View Correction Center: "I hear ya!"
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Del Toro - A Photoplay in 5 Acts

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Del Toro: A Photoplay

Act V (Cont) AHHHHHHHHH! *donk*
*Uproarious applause*
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Monday, November 19, 2007


Bless me, Gentle Viewers for I have sinned.

I have been working on other projects. And I'm very very sorry.

They are...


ARE HERE ON THE SIDEBAR! ------------>

The Thing of the Moment may not be updated every day but ONE of these is. I used to use flickr as a secret trove of photos but now it's sort of becoming a little thing unto itself, and The Thing of the Moment Gallery used to host only previously published images from here but now, it, too, has a soul of its own.

So if you click here and there are no updates and you are sad and start drinking and beating your significant other, you can stop and simply click on any of those links which now encompass The Greater Thing of the Moment.

Thank you,

The Thing of the Moment Staff

Friday, November 16, 2007


I know, another birdfeeder photo but here is the deal Gentle Viewers.

I don't feed the birds because I'm NICE, I do it because I enjoy watching my little bird gladiators fight to the death over the seed I put out only for ONE!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Birdhouse in My Soul

I know...I just HAD a birdhouse post.

This is really a TtV post anyway, so CALM DOWN, GENTLE VIEWERS! PLEASE STOP SHOUTING!

This TtV shot was taken with an Imperial Deluxue Reflex Camera. It's mostly plastic, including the semi-transparent top of the viewfinder. I really wanted one and my friend Barbara found it so I traded her an extra Kodak Duaflex because I really wanted it.

Its claim to fame?

It's the model camera that Marina Oswald used when she took a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald holding his rifle in their backyard.


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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rubber Stamp

Submitted for Macroday: Stamp

(Yes, I know it's reversed!)
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"There Could Be a CHILD In There!!"

I have a friend who tells me this EVERY SINGLE time I drive really close to the curb to plow through piles of leaves that I drag down the streets in every Fall. She is ALWAYS wrong!

See it better here! I'm a guest photographer at LuminousLens!

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Friday, November 09, 2007


Nuestro Pan!

Translation: I am the evil powder white carbohydrate bear of your diabetic wet dreams, fat boy.
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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Dude, Just Keep Drinking It, It Seems to Be Working For You

One day last winter I was exhausted after a day of skiing and riding the ski club bus and I happened to mention to Jenny Rainmaker that your Cold War Lovin' lowly and humble photographic servant bought a radiation detector on eBay and up pops the hat from the seat in front of us and the 79 year old man who had outskied me all day whirled around and asked if he could borrow it because he was afraid he had Radon in his drinking water.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tide Clock

I received this sweet tide clock as a gift on August 12, 1995. A tide clock has an additional hand indicating where the tide is. Some people just prefer to look out their windows and see but they are Luddites, I tell you. LUDDITES!

Submitted for Macroday: Clock
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Queen City Grange

The INNER sanctum submitted for seeItSunday: Social

That lying, fact distorting, crackpot Dennis Bailey (And Champion and Hero when we are on the same side) of CasinosNo! applies statistics like a farmer fertilizing his fields (if you catch my drift) in trying to make a local slot machine place look bad. What he DOESN'T mention is the negative impact on these small Grange Halls which have traditionally relied on activities like BINGO to support thier infratructure costs.

I'm sure it looks more social when it's full... :) Just imagine people in the chairs. Ok? Is that so hard?
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The Porthole Fountain