Monday, July 31, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Summer Hiatus

Ok, here is the many of you know. I take photos at the local fair. I know this is a shocking new revelation and I just thank God you were seated for it.

Anyway, actually being out of the house (which is is shocking to ME,) has kept me from being able to tend to The Thing of the Moment in the manner to which it has become accustomed. (OBSESSIVELY)

So, I'm taking a little break so I don't have to worry about it. And RELAX, the last time I did this I got a bunch of emails begging me to reconsider. That hiatus just lasted the afternoon until I thought of something else to post. This one may be shorter.

Until then...and if you are one of the invited Gentle Viewing carnies I've been passing out cards to inviting you to come see yourself, I once againt force feed down your funneled gullets to fatten your livers the following link...

and the yummiest part besides all that corn? Some links bring you back to...

The Thing of the Moment.

See? Thomas Wolfe was wrong. You CAN go home again.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

End of the Set Up

Gentle Viewers, this doesn't look like much to you, but let me explain what it is. You are seeing my unnamed carnie brother getting his carnie badge complete with photo and title. And why am I there? BECAUSE I GOT ONE, TOO!! Jeff Kirlin, Photographer! Woo hoo! I have worn many a name tag in my day but of THIS ONE, I am the proudest. I'd show it to you but I'm on it and well, that just isn't blogworthy.
Anna here feels the same way. One of the days during the assembly of the Giant Wheel this pretty little carnie wife comes up and says something like, "I've seen your website."

She ACTUALLY got to my blog through Susan Adcock's Cliffhanger so really, she's one of Susan's Gentle Viewers, not mine. However, the lovely hidden faced Anna delighted in telling me to take her Husband's photo because his hands were full of Giant Wheel and he was really too busy to do much about it.

But since Anna actually LOOKS at The Thing of the Moment AND the archives AND she asked about the BAG, I KNOW she'd want to be on here. At least until she catches me and makes me remove her.

Fair opens tomorrow. Set Up is OVER!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Submitted For Your Consideration

In a town, just like any town, a man seeks answers to life's questions. He turns not to family, friends, or clergy. No, he turns to 'The Internets."

View with me if you will the following Sitemeter Entry and read down to the Search Words...

.................."How to get your wife to take it in the ass"

Tonight, in Easton, Connecticut, just like in small towns all over America, a good and simple wife is going about her business... innocent of what Mr Optimum Online has in store for The Thing of the Moment Zone.

Editor's note: Dinner and a movie? Maybe flowers?

Printer's Note: Or maybe he'd have better luck with the search term "how to get MY wife..."

Ok, Here's The Rub

This is Little Dane the wire runner. I KNOW you Carnie Hatin' Gentle Viewers didn't want to have Carnies shoved down your gullets with a funnel to fatten your livers to make a mean foie...

Ooops...I have confused my Carnie Hatin' Gentle Viewers with foie de gras geese and ducks again....

Anyway, I know that since SOME of you can barely lift your mouse finger to enlarge a photo there is NO WAY IN HELL you are going to reach OVER to the sidebar and then lift that heavy heavy mouse finger so I'll make it easier today and bring the link over here...

Because as I was telling my dear sweet personal masseuse at 2am, sometimes these photos are so good I think someone else must have taken them. If they keep getting better they may even start looking like Susan's culls.

So go look, ya bunch of Gentle Viewing Carnie Haters! Posted by Picasa

P.S. I know what you are thinking. "We don't hate carnies, we hate your boatloads of pictures of carnies!" I was just trying to turn the carnies against you. They read The Thing of the Moment.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Money! It's a Gas!

Now here is the deal. My friend Mean Don is in the Army and either JUST before we destabilize a county's economy by flooding the markets with its own currency so it's weak and we can invade it OR have looted it's Central Bank POST INVASION, he always sends me a few bills as tokens of his appreciation for me being a US Tax Payer. It's thoughtful of him.

If you happen to see YOUR National Currency here in this pile, I'm sure it's just a mistake. Pay it no heed. Just go about your business.

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Giant Wheel Crew

These and many more photos (in excruciating detail) can be seen herePosted by Picasa

Giant Wheel Crew 2006 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pencil Lead

Doesn't everyone have one of these pencil fight wounds? This was given to me in the back of my hand by Michael King in the 2nd grade of Abraham Lincoln School in 1972. I think medical forensics would call it a 'defensive wound' but I'd call it the closest I'm ever getting to a tattoo.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Blatantly Stolen Raspberries

Well, not the berries but the idea, from my dear close personal friend and Gentle Viewer Gary J. Wood of Digital Meditations who posted THIS.

I commented on how my grandmother (not on the scooter below) used to have wild raspberries growing out of an old rusty cast iron potbelly stove in her yard and we kids would eat them (we were probably told not to) and now, years later, I so strongly associate old rusty cast iron and raspberries that I can hardly eat either one.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hell's Grammy

*beep* *beep* Posted by Picasa

Carnie Portraits

Ok, here is the deal, Gentle Viewers. The carnies are back. But as you KNOW, this blog can be overwhelmed by the number of images I post here for the fair. The first year I didn't blog and only showed them the photos I printed for them. After that, the blog became a way for the carnies to share images of what they do with friends and family back from whence they came. So holding back images seems a bit silly, so this year, they have their own blog as can be accessed on the sidebar under Carnies Series 2006. Previous seasons can be found in the July 2005 and August 2004 and 2005 archives. Posted by Picasa

Carnie Portraits (continued)

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The Porthole Fountain