Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here is Your Locally Grown Produce, Whole Foods

Photograph it? Yeah.

Eat it? Yeah, Right.

(I'm coposting to flickr tonight for some reason.)
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Like a Staggering Drunk at a Cheap Chinese Food Buffet The Forest Pukes Forth Color From The Deepest Part of Its Bowels.

Just practicing my title skills so that I can make it on flickr Explore. They lurve poetic titles.

These were shot with the Sigma 10-20 and Lensbaby 3G.

I only mention it in case you missed that I have those lenses. Write it down.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I Shoot With Canon: They Are Bitter!

My friend Josh, brought this in to work to show up how much his puppies appreciate the tools of photography. They thought them delicious!

See his wife's ass here.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Art*O*Mat®

The Art-O-Mat isn't located here but at Space, in Portland. I just like this doorway better.

These are retired cigarette vending machines that now sell little bits of art for 5 bucks a pop. Samples of the art can be found under the artists name here.

I'd show you photos of the art but I don't have any. Not because I was worried about the copyright issues and derivative works but because that night I kept calling it the Crap-O-Mat and I think my neice, Sara, rightly wasn't letting me see anything she bought.

Gentle Viewer Ali B and an email exchange or two from Clark Whittington, The National Bureau Chief of Art*O*Mat has reignited my interest in these machines. When you go to the website Art*O*Mat go and check out the machines as well as the guidelines for artists and then remind yourself that it's art for 5 bucks from a machine! This is not art for money. It's art for art's sake. Try finding THAT in most places. You'll be seeking these things out.

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Vintage Lensbaby®!

Today Lensbaby announces their new lines of Lensbaby Lenses!

Those coy devils! The new Lensbabies have NAMES and available swap out optics.

At least it wasn't the ultra wide angle Lensbaby 4G I had been fearing.

The biggest readily apparent change is that the Original Lensbaby and Lensbaby 2.0 have been replaced with the Lensbaby Muse with swappable optics (A pin hole, plastic, double glass (Old Lensbaby 2.0) and single glass (Old Original Lensbaby))

The Lensbaby 3G has been renamed the Lensbaby Control Freak and seems to be very similar to the old 3G complete with Lunar Lander Legs

And NEW addition is the Lensbaby Composer which is a ball and socket lens which bends and rotates smoothly shifting the sweet spot of focus and has a twisting locking ring if needed and focuses with barrell ring AND features the swappable optic system.

Check them out!

And you can 'try out' all the new optics here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"License and Registration, Officer."

No one speeds in Police Chief Ron Gastia's Bangor. NO ONE!

It May Be Time For An Update.

I got this back in the late 50s after a 3 dollar fill up and it's been in the glove box of my Honda Civic ever since. It's the only map I use.
Have you guys seen General Eisenhower's proposed Interstate Highway System? It's going to be SWELL!
Submitted for Macroday: Maps.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Aforementioned Last Visit of the QE2

Tele'd for detail

Lensbabied for no real reason other than it feels so damned good.

Sigma 10-20d just because.

And Point and shot from Novilla's Steering Wheel Pod because it REALLY makes it look like it came to town.
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The Queen Mary II in Bar Harbor.

4 years ago this month. Today the Queen Elizabeth II was in for it's last visit.

Posted for Shutterday: The Golden Hour
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Thing of the Moment's Red Sock in the Wash: Norwegian Cruise Lines: Norwegian Spirit

I bought this new computer monitor a few months ago, it's like 8 by 10 feet. It's monstrous. And I recently linked all my external hard drives to the screen saver or so that I can sort of see the Drive In Movie Of My Life if my life were lived at random, out of context and only contained the moments I decided to photograph. God, that would be so GREAT.

I'm sure most of you do the same thing. BUT maybe you don't do THIS which is see an image, eye your computer suspiciously and wonder where THAT came from and WHO took it and HOW did it get on your hard drive only to find that, of course, YOU took it. It's not that it's high art or a great social statement (Like everything else on The Thing of the Moment) but it's an image that I see and think, That's not that BAD, maybe I should post it, because, you know, I have so few posts on here.

Anyway, so this is the first, and possibly the last, of a new series of photos that caught my eye as they showed up like a red sock in the wash on my screen saver. (You KNOW you've watched your wash. Don't lie!)

The Norwegian Spirit is one of the many cruise ships which come into Bar Harbor and I love them. They are a relatively recent addition and they fill the town with nice, interesting people who are not taking up my parking spaces. Some locals hate them but they are the same idiots who dislike ALL tourists. Want to see the value of the fresh blood of tourism, go to some of the cousin populated little towns on the coast that DON'T get tourists. You'll return from them and lay in the fetal postion in your room and rock and cry yourself to sleep.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Lensbaby 3G: Pat Haugh's Sunflower

My Thursday Office Mate and Art Teacher Pat Haugh brought in this lovely sunflower because she also loves the Lensbaby 3G.

Waaaaait a minute. Upon closer inspection, those aren't effing sunflower seeds!

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The Porthole Fountain