Monday, April 17, 2006

And the 60,000th Gentle Viewer IS...

Night Owl CALVIN COLEMAN! I'm glad it was someone was was easy to find and not some anonymous user. He wins a print of any photo he likes from The Thing of the Moment. That is, if he WANTS one.


  1. I demand a recount!

    Not really. Congrats, Calvin!

  2. I win!!!!! I knew if i kept coming here and listening to J's bad jokes it would pay off. Just kidding, we love your bad jokes J! I get a prize!!!!

  3. Awww I guess if it had to be anyone but me I'm glad it was Cal.

    Does his icon say beg?

    Should I get on my knees? ;)

    (sorry can't help it)

    And I so can't believe you thought something was actually going on between B and me. That's funny!

  4. 60,000!!!! Holy cr@p! It will be 3012 before I get to 60k at this rate. Nice work and congrats.

  5. I think calvin needs something better to do at night... you silly photo-insomniac ;-) Congrats on the 60k jkirlin!

  6. Wrath: *sigh* Ok... 1, 2, 3, 4, ...

    calvin: Just wait for the next batch of 60,000 lame jokes.

    Kalani: Just email me as Kalvin Coleman. I'll never know. There ain't??

    calvin: Why does it say Beg?

    mj: Well, here is a tip. First, visit your own website 59,950 times like *I* did. Heh heh

    pwrocker: He comes here to meet chicks. I'm his wing man. Ask him. No, wait. I go to HIS site to meet chicks. I'm his wing man there, too.

  7. Hey I am Calvin too! I go by the same name & stats.. can I have a pic. ; ) *giggle*

    The Tart