Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Washington! The Thing of the Moment North American Tour Continues!

A few snaps from my days with the Eisenhower Administration.

I was the (Naked) Secretary of Agriculture ...or (All Nudes) Highways ...or something (Co-Eds). I forget.

(See tore's comment in the comment section)


  1. verr good...
    i like the second pic
    the one of washington monument...is tht wht it is called?

    very nice..love the framing

  2. You always have amazing B&W's. I just love them... they make me happy.

  3. zb: You are correct, my friend.

    pwrocker: And that, Pwrocker, is why you wrock.

  4. Well, Jennifer, at least this series isn't provocatively titled. After "Naked city" and "Vegas strip", I feared the kiddy lock on my PC wouldn't even let me access your site anymore. No wonder you've had 60000 visitors. How many of them googled "naked" and "strip" to get here? Hmm?

  5. I really must tell you that I enjoy visiting your blog. I am continuously amazed at your photos. You have a great talent for capturing "the shot". I was in your neck of the woods over easter, Portland and then up to Bar Harbor. I didn't have time to visit my hometown of bangor. Man I have to move back up there already.
    Keep taking the great shots.

  6. I love the second picture as well.
    It describes the mood I am in today :)

  7. The second one... yes... Very nice...But mmmm isn't that too much erotic for your blog? Maybe you should post it at HNT!!! Mwhahaha! Naaaaaaaaa... Just joking! Sometimes a monument is just a monument!

  8. No, no, I only come to gawk at your shapely calves. Do you shave them or wax them, by the way? Good job. I can't see any nicks or cuts or anything. Maybe it's a salon job?

  9. OK, well, it just must be said... that second shot well, ya know... very kiddie proof-able type material in D.C. natch! A really great shot, my fav, but not 4 THAT reason. Just 4 the art!

    Always a delightful suprise this way. ; )

    The Tart