Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Ellsworth Motel

Recent road construction required the removal of this sign and I'm going to miss it. The motel is still there though. This place is a personal favorite because it's right on the strip but it's easy to hide your car. They may nor may not have TV, in room movies or phones, I dunno, I never noticed. But they do have lots of hot water and decent soap and the doors deadbolt and have peepholes. There are window exits to both sides of the building and you can easily sneak back into your car through the bushes if need be. Also you just leave the key in your room when you are done. That's yer checkout.

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  1. Shhhh, don't give away our secrets so quickly!!!

  2. Ah, Ellsworth. I more often crossed the border at St. Stephen/Calais. Got any snaps of Calais?

  3. cryden: Thanks!

    toady joe: They'll never find us there! I sign in under my assumed name: "Mr Fabulous."

    wrath: Calais?? Ick! No!

  4. Ooh, I need a motel like that here in the Bay Area.

  5. i smell something fishy...
    is it clean?
    stained bedsheet?

    is it safe?

  6. billy: sort of your own little Dew Drop Inn?

    zb: That's ME! The motel is quite nice. Very clean. And safe? It depends on who you have with you.

    cal: It sizzles, baby. Sssssssssss..... Heh heh

  7. Did you buy the sign?

    Word verif:ucknam

  8. My my my. The comments are gettin randy in here! ; )

    Will bring my own Cheerios & check-in 4 the weekend. Hmmmm. No TV!

    The Tart

  9. jozee: I wish I had. Actually, now I'm curious as to what they did with it. Hmmmm.... You know..maybe it's in Room 17

    Tart: May or may not. Note the hot water. :)