Sunday, April 23, 2006

Don't Tell Her That I Like These

My friend, Nancyleah, the train wreck maven, is always going places and doing things and taking pictures and forcing me to look at them THROUGH EMAIL, no less, and I hate it.

I'm hating it more lately though because she's getting better and better, I think , although I won't tell her that because I'm so jealous that I could spit.

She sent these and I thought they'd make cool faux tilt shift image things. I'm posting them here until she gets her own blog, which I am encouraging her to do so that I can HARSHLY critique her and look down my nose at some truly very nice photographs. Posted by Picasa


  1. those houses look so cute
    so boxy... square...

    i dont know...
    i have yet to learn how to appreciate those blur our images... like this... the centre building is blurred out while the rest remain focus...

    i cant find tht effect nice... ehhehehehe

  2. The first one left me singing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..."

  3. Yeah, me too! I can hear the little train bell in the background.

    "It's a neighbourly* day in this beautywood... "

    *sic - I'm a Canuck. You know how we love our uuuuuuuuuuuuuu's.

    Hahahahahaha! My vw was 'xwnkr.' I can't decide if that stands for ex-winker or ex-wanker.

  4. luminouslens: Me, too. :(

    zb: PHILISTINE! Admire our blurred photos!

    Shade: YESSSSSSSS! You are RIGHT!

    Wrath: It wasn't a train it was Trolly. And not A trolly, but Trolly. And it's xwnkr for EXTREME Wanker.

  5. Ah, you guys beat me to the Mr Rogers comments. Anyone who thought of Mr Rogers when they saw these pics gets 1,000 cool points.

  6. "It's Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"' was the first thing that came to my mind too! I am glad to know I am NOT the only person in the world that has a recollection of the Land of Make Believe, X the Owl, Henrieta Pussycat , and my favorite Daniel Stripe-ed Tiger. :)

  7. It has all been said bout the pics...... so Nancyleah, get a bloggy!!!!

    The Tart

    BTW, Mr. R always gave me the creeps. That sweater freaked me out, natch!

  8. As Joe peered out the 9th floor window of the Holiday Inn, he realized for over 40 years,he lived across the bridge from Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Now life had meaning, "it is a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"!