Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Self Portrait Collection

Your L lowly and H humble P photographic S servant

I recently learned that a LONG TIME Gentle Viewer had never really seen her lowly and humble photographic servant but wanted to in order to dispel rumors that I am a hunchback or Mulluh Omar. So additional self portraits (for illustrative purposes only) are available upon request via email. I just don't want them here. I'm not really THAT much of a recluse but just not, as my nieces and nephews strive to be, blogworthy.

Unlike everything else in the World, this blog isn't about ME.

The War Against Terror, Gas Prices, and the Designated Hitter Rule? Yes.

The Thing of the Moment? No.


  1. Back to recycling photos, are we? I believe that calves shot has now been featured in something like 27 posts Kirlin. They are nice calves though. Dammit.

  2. HAHA. The collective subconscious comes to mind!

  3. Several comments..

    1 great calves ya got their man
    2 luv the red tennies!
    3 where the heck is my polaroid..and is that how you spell it? hmmmmmm

    Nice one o'servant of bloggyville!
    Moi might be copy kat soon, natch. ; )

    Wed. smooch,
    The Tart

  4. abhi: Nothing brings you out of the woodwork like that photo of my calves and frankly, I'm touched.

    wrath: Ain't he just?

    ginnie: Heh heh. If you collect the whole series you can build a portrait like a Picasso painting.

    Tart: Thanks, Abhi loves them. I have several pair. They'll all have starring roles soon. If you can't find it, call me, I work for prints. :)

  5. I figured my eyes would burn out glancing at your greatness!

  6. I LOVE this! Such nice variety and warm colors. Very inviting. I think I like the shin shot best.

  7. tht your calves?
    for real?
    looks great... like a runner's calves...
    but u couldn't run...can u?

  8. i'm partial to the red cons myself

  9. You know I think I have run across you in the blog world before, but I never knew the coolness that is you.