Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Like the Process More Than The Product

My friend Nancyleah, the train wreck maven, has a friend Dr. Sydney, the ballerina, who asked if perhaps I could take a photo of her pointe shoes and referred me to some dude who has all these shots of old pointe shoes and said she wanted something different. Which meant I wasn't going to work my way into a dance studio this time around, but that is beside the point(e). In her email she explained how she compared dancing to flying and there we have it...instant 'Not needing to give it any more thought.'
So Nancyleah and Sydney and I went to a park and threw pointe shoes into the air for an hour or so to try to capture images of pointe shoes in flight. There were also images of shoes hitting heads and cameras, and looking for shoes that had rolled under bushes.
It was a happy coincidence if a photo even HAD a shoe in it, let alone the sort of image we were looking for.

THAT my Gentle Viewer is why God invented Digital Cameras.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, cull, cull, cull.

The images in the second and third set can be seen HERE.


  1. Ahhh. So now I know!!! Well done, Mr. Jeff. Well done :)

  2. You heard what the Lady said? Well done! Very well done! :)

  3. Kirlin, don't lie. I saw those shoes in your closet.

  4. Anonymous...what were you doing in Kirlin's closet?

    Are you ABSOLUTELY sure this is the best image? Maybe you'd better check them all again.

  5. i know that feeling.
    the kind of, well, if i take 200 shots, at least 10 are bound to be decent, by the laws of probablility, right?

  6. K, some of them still look like frogs to moi! And ditto on the process, natch.

    Ribbon smooch,
    The Tart
    ; )

    BTW go to Flickr to see frog comt.

  7. Lot of time on your hands!

    Which is good, gives us something interesting to watch. Personally, it is too much of an effort to just look at every single picture, let alone lift finger to click etc.

    So I looked at the first pic and the last pic and imagined the that okay? ;)
    great web-site by the way...another list of blogs to visit while trying to get work done!

  8. So hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, especially the "beside the point(e)" part. I needed it tonight.