Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Photo Cliche Day

Thing reflected in water and then inverted!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you.

If you click on the photo you can see a stick floating in the water at the top of the frame.

No..really...thank you.


  1. I just looked at your Favorites.
    I love them all, especially the photo of the paint brushes.

  2. Um... Jk... this photo is upside-down.

    Oh wait, I get it.

  3. Oh man, I had one of these to post Friday and chickened out. Now I feel bad. :)

  4. Big round of applause! Just when U think the JK is going all commercial pics on us... well, there goes the rug ~ right out from under my Tarty toes!

    Love that stick & photo trick. Good one. Now must go get jacked up on fancy coffee jet-fuel. ; )

    Big morning smooch,
    The Tart

    BTW ... come on by if yer thirsty, or not ; )