Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pxite: Digital

I got your digital right here.
No, no!

This macro image of Binary 1 made possible by the Canon Powershot S2 IS with it's amazing Zero mm focus range. Now I have to go find my lens cloth. Posted by Picasa


  1. Just when I was getting tired of the cross-country tour, you give us this!

    What a cool camera! I can't believe the macro is that good!

  2. A digital picture of your digit.

  3. This is excellent. Now I can compare your fingerprint with the set I found on my ransacked underwear drawer.

  4. And now he's giving us the finger.

    This is the thanks we get?

  5. I've never looked at my own finger that closely :)

  6. I was so excited to see this, Jeff, because quess what! We just ordered the NEW Canon S3 IS that's coming out in May. I did lots of research and picked it because of the 12x optical and the 0cm macro. It also has Sports mode...for Nicholas' games...and flowers that "act out." I am NOT ready for an SLR and this camera, the next upgrade from yours, seems like the just-below an SLR step.

  7. nice idea...really

    but seems like u r too free or perhaps bored?

    time to get a life!

  8. msdedi: Thanks. :)

    monteryjohn: You were just scared I'd show up on your doorstep. :)

    srp: Boo! :)

    Mr Fab: But you will never match my bitemarks!

    wrath: I am only LOANING you the finger.

    leilouta: I'll do it for you. Hold it up to the monitor.

    ginnie: Don't forget your lenscloth.

    sidney: It's not like it was up my NOSE!

    zb: If I had a life I'd never have enough time to ponder my finger. Or anything else.

  9. There seems to be something like radiation waves coming of your honourable finger in the last shot. Is this another one of your superpowers?