Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ok, I Lied.

This is REALLY this. I beg your forgiveness. It won't happen again.

(Until next time.)


  1. u lied on an easter sunday??!???!

    May god bless your sorry soul!

  2. Ha ha... I was going to ask if it was a banana, but I couldn't figure out how you would get a banana to light up.

    You wascaly wabbit!

  3. He didn't lie on Easter Sunday. He lied before Sunday and confessed his sins today. :-)

  4. zbjernak: It's Monday in Malaysia, though.

    laanba: You plug it in, of course.
    Hey! LAURIE! YOU ARE RIGHT! You are a Theological Scholar!

    zbjernak: Listen to the Theological Scholar

  5. laanba: Carefully, while not in the bath. The most important part is to remember to UNPLUG it when you are finished. VERY important.