Wednesday, April 05, 2006

North Gatehouse, Bangor Waterworks

Posted for Thursday Challenge: Pattern

A reworking and reposting of one of the first photos published to The Thing of the Moment  Posted by Picasa


  1. Cool photo. Did you dig into the 1933 archives for this one? Classic.

  2. shade: I actually had to go waaaaaaaaay back to the 1851 archives. That was the summer I got poison ivy. Horrible thing.

  3. omg
    i remember this

    re: my pattern, it's the walkway between the domestic & international American terminals at JFK

    did you really want to know or were you just testing my memory

  4. Neene: You KNOW I want to know everything. Now remember it? That's different.

  5. I really liked this one. Congratulations.

  6. bubblegum and jenn: These are full color images of a naturally color sepia scene. I may just hang out here instead of going to a tanning bed.

    round stone: Thank you, Sir.

  7. Poison Ivy... was it worth it? Cool pic dude.

    Just read your about me... must comment here on a daily basis to keep U happy!

    The Tart

  8. taittems: Thanks.

    Tart: Noooooooooooooo! Good Christ I can't beleive we don't have telethons to raise money to eradicate that sourge! I would say that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy but I would wish anything on my worst enemy. In fact, I would wish anything on the person in front of me in line who needs a price check.