Sunday, April 02, 2006

People at Work®: The Train Derailment Photographers

The view from Brewer
A TV5 Photographer who showed the good sense to not tell me her name. But maybe she didn't hear me over the HOWLING wind.
Local Photographer and Inside Action Guy Monty Rand. More of his stuff can be seen at He has a business card to go with that big lens but I was most impressed by him giving me the wave to follow him when Railroad Officer Falvey allowed him behind the yellow tape.
Bangor Daily News Photographer Bridget Brown basically told Monty and I to get out of her shot. Ya gotta like that. :)


  1. A Pan Am railroad car - that explains why my luggage always arrives late!

  2. tht monty guy looks cocky...

    and it is amazing, how a few inch on the thing makes a man difference...

    now wonder there were tonnes of 'enlargement, make it longer' ad in my email everyday

    time to do something to your thing jkirlin...
    make it longer and bigger...
    preferably more than monty's

  3. Yeah, but did you get Bridget's phone number, and if so, are you sharing it? My type of photographer.

    The dude with the heavy glass, OMG, what did that sucker cost?

  4. shade: ...and wet.

    zb: Monty's a stand up guy. And he can whack you with that lens.

    mj: The only thing she wants from me is my movement out of her frame. Heh heh.

  5. Good Lord, that Rand dude's lense is enormous!