Monday, April 03, 2006

Does this Derivative Work Show...

A) Dove's new campaign showcasing the beauty of 'real' women;

B) A highly effective and attractive piece of subway advertising;

C) The closest I am ever getting to being a women's fashion underwear photographer.

Reposted for Moody Monday: Fantasy


  1. There's a huge version of this on a billboard at Times Square. I have a picture of it in my Flickr photostream. And I love it! 'Cause it's 'real'.

    And like my guy friend used to say: "More cushion for the pushin'." ;)

  2. Sure this one is going to bring you many comments hey JK??? By the way the f... word in French is M... Ha Ha...;o)

  3. So which part is the fantasy? Is it C?

  4. Hefty? None of those women are hefty! That, boys and girls, is what normal looks like. We've just been Kate Moss'd into insanity.

    I don't think C: is fantasy. Dare to dream, jkirlin. Then start sending in the applications.

  5. OMG JEFF! You reposted WITH the old comments! Now I find myself stupid!!!! I was soooo young and innocent... Twas a long time ago... :(

  6. hahahaaha
    yeh...the real women campaign by dove
    we have it here too...

    it is many of us looks like stick figures here?

  7. gary: I know. It's not REALLY fantastic, is it?

    dawn: Not hefty, heifFERS. :)

    mp: When I recycle, sometimes I bring you right along with me.

    zb: You do. Here is you on the after falling down. o>-<

    calvin: Bone hater!

    (For the record, if in between shots, any of these women need to wear my 'The Thing Of The Moment University' sweatshirt, 2 or 3 of them could share it.)

    (Ooo..which would be a whole other photoshoot in itself)

  8. neene: self promoter. ;) Did you at least get your gum back?

  9. mean you didn't photograph these women for the ad campaign? perhaps you could recreate it with different women, and then send it to dove an offering for this year's campaign.

  10. U make me laugh! OUT LOUD, natch. ; )

    So many pics I have missed out on here.

    The Tart