Friday, April 28, 2006

"YOU WILL HANG THERE UNTIL I GET THE DAMNED SHOT I WANT!" He Screamed While Casually Adjusting the Aperture of his Quaker Oats Box

Earlier I mentioned that I had a camera that I made out of a Quaker Oats box and a transistor radio. I got an email about it. I didn't know people ACTUALLY did that. (Well, without the transistor radio part.) Pinhole Photography? Who knew? What I don't know would fill volumes. Above is my faked tribute. If you want to participate in a REAL pinhole photography click the link below.

Hurry! It's coming up!


  1. Foxglove has one, but I think she screwed up putting the camera together.

  2. Are you gluing kids to playground equipment again? I though they passed "Kirlin's Law" in Maine to prevent this kind of cruelty.

  3. yah i heard abt it, pinhole camera...

    pity the kid...
    but if it were u that was hanging there...
    well, i bet it will be a great shot

  4. aughra: That's true of so many things.

    shade: staples.

    zbjernak: But you should see her now, she has a grip that can make a grown man cry.

  5. oooooh i did exactly the same thing once!
    loved the way the curved photopaper & tiny aperture did bizarre things to shapes...
    er, that & i was just using photo paper, which meant all the images were negative.
    what an experiment.
    i still have the results have inspired me to dig them out, methinks...