Sunday, April 02, 2006

People at Work®: The Railroad Police

My friend Nancyleah called me up to tell me there was a train derailment because NOTHING makes her happier than a good train derailing. She is descended from people who set out lanterns at night to draw ships to the rocky shores and when a boat floundered they'd all race down to the shore and finish off the survivors and gather up the booty. A JUBILEE! But I digress...

One of the most exciting parts for her, however, was hearing that there were actual RAILROAD POLICE! This is Railroad Police officer Tim Falvey. I was disappointed to see that he arrived by car and not one of those little two handled carts that you pump and they ride on the tracks.

He asked that I not Photoshop his image TOO much so I left off the lens flare Pepsodent smile thing. Do not be fooled by this smile, Gentle Viewers. It was lightning quick and you WON'T see it if you ride a box car or put a penny on the tracks.

See more of Nancyleah, other train derailments, and more photos of this HERE Posted by Picasa


  1. Sweet railroad images!

    I can tell by the cops smile he still believes you had nothing to do with it.

  2. railroad police...
    tht is something new

    i m wondering wht is his daily jobs like...

    train derailment...
    thank god is not passenger train

  3. There is nothing like a good train derailment to really perk up the day.

  4. I saw this on the way to school today! I actually was wondering if you'd have some pics up, and sure enough you do. Cool.

  5. shade: I pocketed the flattened penny before he got there.

    zb: it depends on who the passengers are.

    mr fab: Or a Zeppelin crash. I LOVE those!

    CURRY SPEAKS!!! I didn't wanna miss all the fun.