Monday, April 17, 2006

Dear 60,000th Gentle Viewer

According to Sitemeter you will be here today or tomorrow. It's taken you since December 2004 to get here. (Sorry, 50,000th Gentle Viewer, I completely missed you.) I will post your Sitemeter information so you can tell who you are and ummm...I'll have a lovely parting gift for you or something. See you soon.


  1. My coolness just went up!

    Curious to find out who this special gentle reader will be...

  2. was it me?
    was it me?
    no? then i gonna keep on clicking the 'refresh'

  3. Is it me?

    Wanna gchat later, baby?

  4. Awww.... I was going go post "is it me?" but I was beaten to the punch.


    So.... is it me?