Thursday, April 27, 2006

Any Excuse to Repost This Series

I don't usually do weddings because I don't have the equipment, skill, desire, or nerve. Mostly nerve. When I have done weddings it's been for friends who I am very comfortable screwing over with bad pictures so there is no pressure and they usually come out nicely.

I was recently asked to do a wedding for a STRANGER who is only a RELATIVE of a FRIEND and I tried to talk them out of it by showing them The Thing of the Moment and a Kodak Album of one of these weddings. They still agreed. So then I told them about my camera which I have made out of an Quaker Oatmeal Box and a transistor radio. They still agreed. FINALLY I call the Groom, JUST TO MAKE SURE and he says, 'Well, until Aunt Linda mentioned you we weren't planning on having anyone."

That is competition I am comfortable going up against.

"The Thing of the Moment Wedding Photography - We Are Better Than No One."


  1. can u do mine?
    in malaysia?
    dinner and accomodation includeed...
    u just hv to get ur own tickets here

    but these ladies are gorgeous...
    i hav always said so each time i see this pic...
    but the fact that they are gorgeous have little to do with your skills, they are naturally beautiful!

  2. LOL.... Better than no one... Is that your motto from now? :D

  3. Rock ON, you Rock Star, you. Not only do you take wonderful photos... you're also a marketing genius. See? Already you've got additional customers queueing up. Good ON ya, Mate.

  4. can i steal that tagline for my own wedding photo experiences?

    my favorite so far has been people suggesting that i not be the official photog, since it's close fam & it's more fun not to be, but that i definitely "bring my camera" & "take some pictures" like that's the most novel idea in the world.

    as though they could stop me.