Monday, April 24, 2006

We Have a WINNER, Or Two.

Calvin Coleman and Toady Joe were both recent winners of a The Thing of the Moment's 'Pandering to my Gentle Viewers' Photo contest and got to choose any photo they liked to be printed, signed, matted and mailed off to addresses they were both oddly very reluctant to give me.

Gentle Viewers, I have over 1900 images on this stupid blog and they both picked gkirlin photos. When I told his mother, she indicated that he was available as a rental if any of you wanted the real thing. Cheap. Will deliver.


  1. "...addresses they were both oddly very reluctant to give me."

    Can't imagine why.

    Something tells me we won't be hearing much from them anymore.

  2. Is he available for comments, photocredits, faint praise, loose change or what-have-you 'cause that seems to run in the family? Does he do chimneys?

  3. Wonderful shots and great commentary. With three of my own, I fully understand the sentiment :) Nice work.

  4. I'll TAKE him. But only if Uncle Jeff acts as Transport Manager, delivers him to my home in Idaho (you know EXACTLY where that is, now - good lord I'm such a sucker), and runs amuk out here in The Great Land of Elbow Room taking pictures with me. We'll keep him for the summer, and then Uncle Jeff can come BACK to transport the little devil (I mean DOLL) back home. After more picture-taking and amuk-running, of course.

  5. Very nice capturing of this little boy....I am courious what he was thinking about...

  6. i want too
    i dont care
    i want the signed, printed hard-copy
    i dont care

    u get me?

  7. Yeah guys It was really weird. J tells me I won the photo, I 'm thinking awesome! Then he tells he wanted to BRING it to me personally.Strange. 2nd strange thing, he also mentioned something about not having enough duct tape. Weird.

  8. This little carrot top is just way too cute!

    Me too on the signed hard copy. Or I will take him as a weekend rental. I have stocked up on the Cheerios! ; )

    What is UR story J?

    The Tart
    ; )

  9. Mr Fab: Unless they get out of the duct tape.

    tore: He DOES! Just tie a little rope to his waist in case he gets stuck in the flue.

    mj: anything as long as I stay off the open road, huh? :)

    zb: maybe, if yer nice.

    calvin: I got more. We're on.

    Tart: I am without story. And I'm sticking to it. :)