Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cormorants, Often Mistakenly Called Shitpokes

By people who like to say Shitpoke.

It's a whole other bird, Shitpoke.
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  1. But wait! One of the birds in the first picture is, in fact, not a comorant at all. It's what is known to locals as a "sea gull." Can you spot which one, or are you one of those wanna-be birdwatchers?

  2. Yes. Seagulls. Often correctly called Flying Rats. Because that is what they are.

  3. Sea Gulls aka Dump Ducks, although this is becoming obsolete with the new politically correct Transfer Stations. Did you know "they" won't even let you shoot rats there anymore?

  4. Nobody from Maine would ever use the out-of-stater word "cormorant".

    They're shags.

  5. Actually, the other bird is a greater black-backed gull, I think.


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