Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Margot Got Her Warts On

The people I work with tend to fall into 2 categories: Those who tolerate me and those who REALLY wish I could find some way to make a living taking photos (or anything else).

And then there's Margot the Kindergarten Teacher. Margot would sooner strike me down than have me get a photo of her but practically begs for photos of...well...the more 'interesting' artwork of her students.

Her class found this little frog (TOOOOOAAAAAD!) and she agreed to let me take a photo of it before she returned it to it's natural environment (i.e. flattened in the road)

Well, your lowly and humble photographic servant is a lot of things but a toad toucher I ain't. (No offense Toady Joe)

Margot kept screaming 'YOU ARE ONLY GETTING PICTURES OF HIS BAAAACK!' So I suggested if she had a better way than sticking a lens down inside his little plastic jug, then BE MY GUEST.
With the grace of a toad lovin' game show hostess, she reaches in and grabs the presumably now flattened toad giving us the only decent image I have of said toad and said Margot.


  1. Yes, I'm still reading! And no offense taken. I loves ya to BITS. Thanks for the big cheesy grin plastered all over my face at seeing my name "in print" on your site. :D

  2. are u not afraid the toad will jump onto your huge face??

  3. Margot -- everything everyone needs to know they learned in kindergarten -- YOU ROCK!!

  4. Oh, those kindergarten teachers. They are the brave ones.

    Toads. *shudder*


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