Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greatest Walk In Closet Evar.

Ok, maybe just a really good one.

Making it look like this is what I was doing while my friend Barbara was out smacking her head on a lake.

Barbara! STAY IN!
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  1. Had to get my camera bag out of the back of one once that was filled front to back with all variety of fur coats. I'm not a big fan of fur but it sure was cozy in there.

  2. Is that a big box of Prozac in the back on the right? (See the large version.) No wonder you think this is such a great walk in closet. Everything is looking pretty good right now, huh?

  3. Why are there three red all stars, when have you EVER worn that orange shirt and what's with all the unused wooden hangers??

  4. susan: That's kind of hot, actually.

    thing: It's a clipboard, actually. Trust me, if I had a big box of Prozac, Gentle Viewer and coworker John Petros would be force feeding them to me.

    tmt: 1 Orange Shirt wearing coming up!

    Wooden hangers? don't like wooden hangers?

  5. Ok but you didn't explain the THREE red chucks!!!

  6. murph: In the library behind the bookcase, you have to tip Shakespeare's head back for the I don't have a Bat Pole! SHHHHHH!

    kalani: Oh yeah. I have another wooden box full of chucks in the bathroom. It was in there. I don't know how why they were apart. I don't recall walking around with only one.

  7. And what's up with all of the spelling mistakes? You're the worst speller EVER!

  8. Since you're in Maine, shouldn't that be EVAH ?

  9. Come out of the closet, jkirlin!

    If only to fetch the missing red chuck...


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