Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Thing of the Moment®'s Lensbaby® Macro Quiz®

Is this SuperMacro Image __________________________?

A. The little chromish logo thing from my absurdly stupid Motorola Red Razr

B. The SWEET new Chest Logo from my awesome Star Trek uniform in which I have a lifespan of one episode because, of course, I'm a red shirt.

(Submitted to Macroday: Modern)
(Waiting to be submitted to any photomeme: Dork)
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  1. But the two points in the red shirt logo mean that you won't even last an entire scene, never mind an entire episode! They'll take you to your doom quickly with that logo!

  2. *bouncing up & down*
    *flailing arms about*
    *being a hootard*
    BEE! BEE! Oooo, pick me! It's BEE!


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